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Child Friendly Home Designs

By Livedwithlove @kerrymarie
Because I’ve been doing so much thinking about how to decorate and design our home better now that we’ve got Sienna, I came across a load of design ideas that incorporate children and their lives. I love the idea. You can put their pictures on the walls, all framed-up and lovely, or give them a little low table in their bedroom, with these totally cute knitted pouf things, where the yarn is like the thickest thread I’ve ever seen.

Toy boxes can have more than one function Child friendly home designs Toy boxes don’t just have to be utilitarian; they can be like treasure chests, or with drawers, so that they double as a table. Actually, I saw a play table with these massive drawers in them! The only thing I’d worry about is the weight of them, but maybe when Sienna’s a little older? From what I’ve seen while I’ve been researching, the best designs for kids are those that aren’t overly juvenile and babyish. That way the kids’ areas blend in with the adult zones, and they don’t become so much of a shock. And also, they won’t need changing so much as the children grow up. It kind of means that you can please the kids by making them a nice space that’s theirs, without necessarily sacrificing your décor to a world of fairies and finger-painting. Geometric rugs for that touchy-feely thing Geometric rugs are cool and funky, with bright colours – all things that children love. Some of them are made from really soft, touchy-feeling furry stuff, and of course, children adore that too. Sienna has one from some shop I found, and she likes to stand on it with her bare feet, with the pile sticking up between her toes! Paper your world with fun wallpaper! I’m not saying this is a good idea all over the house, although I’ve got myself some funky-mirrored wallpaper for the bathroom, but for the kids, cool robot wallpaper, or the kind with sheep, or cowboys, or pretty much anything is amazing! Sienna’s bedroom is a little large to be papering with too much funk, but I’ve made her a play area in part of the room where the wall dips into a shallow alcove, and I want the greatest wallpaper ever in that alcove. Not sure what that is, though. We’ll get there! Sofa beds; a versatile option for sleepovers Child friendly home designs Sienna is definitely not ready for sleepovers just yet, but it won’t be long before she is. With that in mind, I’ve already been looking at a sofabed for her room. I know it seems silly, but if we have people over, cousins, whatever, we’ll need somewhere to put people. Sofa beds are a space-saving beauty, and again, it’s going to be there forever, and Sienna will love to sit in her own little living room and read, or whatever she’ll choose to do. And I’ve just got one more thing to add: wipe down wallpaper. Say no more! *This is a PR Collaboration.

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