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Chic French Interiors

By Vsudarsan
Continuing my mini-series on an architectural world tour..  I've got a page on French interiors for you. What's not to love-they're elegant, stylish, romantic, dreamy!  Decorators around the world are trying to replicate French style, so I carefully picked authentic pictures that showcase true Parisian design and glamor.
Here's what I see find in common with each of these spaces:
  • rooms outlined with detailed interior-moldings an intricate patterns
  • tall windows and dramatic lighting effects created by crystal chandeliers and ornate sconces
  • vintage furniture
  • neutral, inviting tones
  • antique picture frames in gold finish with gallery walls to fill otherwise blank wall space
  • large mirrors to more depth to the room 
  • eclectic collections of antiques with travel memoirs styled in shelves
  • porcelain vases and fresh flowers to add that unforgettable touch..
Tell me what you think of this style of interior design? 
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