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Chic California Boutique Tour

By Adrienne Boswell @chiccalifornia1
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Chic California Boutique Tour

It’s been a very busy few weeks. I have been in my new retail space at The Spotted Cow for about 7 weeks now and I feel like I am finally catching up. When you have a retail space, busy is always a good thing. But I was painting furniture like a crazy lady for awhile there. I realized that many of you don’t live in my area and can’t visit my space. So I thought I would give you a quick tour.

Window Display by Chic California

I have a space at the front of the store so I get the opportunity to dress the window which is really fun. I am already making plans for my next window display.

Chic California Shop Display

My space changes practically every week. Every time I sell a major piece, I try to change it up. I sell some retail items in addition to my refurbished furniture and vintage finds. But the majority of my items for sale are vintage. And I love to create displays!

3 tier tray display from Chic California

Vintage Office Tray from Chic California

What do you think of this wire basket? It’s actually a wire paper tray from Europe. But just because something was made for paper doesn’t mean you can’t use it in another way, like for these air plants. (Which I am kind of obsessed with air plants right now!)

Vintage mail box front

I picture this vintage mailbox from a European Apartment displayed on a gallery wall.

Vintage Leather Bag

Check out this amazing leather bag! I had to talk myself into selling this one. It would be so great in an office or as an accessory on a bookshelf.

Chic California Retail Displays

I just brought this dresser in to the shop and I love the chippiness. I painted in Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Sweetie Jane. I’ll have a tutorial one coming soon! But Sweetie Jane is one of my favorite colors!

Pillows and Clock display

Here are some of the smaller items I sell in my space. I love these zinc place cards. They look so cute in a table setting but are also great for a buffet or brunch. Or for a cocktail hour wine and cheese party. Or a farm house wedding. Or a baby shower. Are you catching on here? They are great for every occasion.

Chic California Dresser

Here is another display I have set up. This dresser is painted in Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Ocean. I love the richness of this color. A full tutorial will be coming soon on this dresser too. In the meantime, check out these French Soaps.

French Soap

I have these in all my bathrooms. They are amazing big chunks of French goodness. Seriously, these are the best soaps. The creamy colored soap is made with Palm Oil and the purple is Lavender. They smell fresh and clean and they make your skin so nice.

Boxwood from Chic California

I keep most of my paint colors and display items pretty neutral in color. So I like to add pops of green with preserved boxwood. You can use them for pops of color in your home too. But the best part is you don’t have to keep it alive like a houseplant.

Center display by Chic California

I display a lot of my smaller items on this farmhouse table. I love that I can make it bigger or smaller as needed. It is a great size table to move around my space. Which is one of the reasons why this table is not actually for sale. I am keeping it for display…for now.

Tool Box Tray retail display

What would you use this tray from an old tool box for? I love it my display but it is for sale. I think it would be great to use in a craft room to contain all those crafting supplies.

White dresser display by Chic California

Every large piece of furniture I have in the shop is a chance for another display. I try not to clutter up the tops of my furniture with too much stuff. I still want my customers to notice my furniture. But I also want them to see how you might use the piece. Or even accessorize it once you get it home.

Vintage Bobbins by Chic California

These vintage bobbins would be perfect filling a jar or basket on a farmhouse white dresser like this one.

Coffee Table by Chic California

I have a lot of dressers in my space at the moment. But I try to keep a variety of pieces available like this coffee table. Another chance for a display too.

Dark Gray Coffee Table

And finally I have my display for Sweet Pickins Milk Paint.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Display by Chic California

It’s always fun to change up my space. I have so many ideas for crafts that I want to make to include in my displays. I’d love to make more pillows and I have had a lot of requests to carry glass glitter letters year round and not just at Christmas.  I’m hoping this next week I will get the chance to catch up on some of those crafts on my to do list. In addition to painting a few more pieces of furniture and picking for more vintage finds. Pheww. I better get goin’. Have a great weekend!

Chic California Chalkboard


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