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Chemistry Class

By Golfrefugees
Around 40 million tons of polyester is produced worldwide per annum.
Polyester isn’t unique to sportswear apparel, it is also used in furniture, shower curtains and for stuffing pillows.

Health and environmental hazards that petrochemicals pose are well documented.

The base chemicals that make up polyester are created during the process of refining oil, the main one being paraxylene.

You also need to be concerned about phthalates, which are used to make your polyester apparel more flexible and feel softer. Readily absorbed by the skin, phthalates are know to disrupt the development and functioning of reproductive organs. Resulting in low sperm counts and early breast development.

So why are you wearing ‘oil slick’ polo shirts? Are you a shareholder in BP, Shell or Exxon mobil?

There is hope. A Japanese company; Toray Industries, have created samples of what they claim to be the world’s first bio-based polyester fiber. Instead of refining crude oil they have obtained paraxylene from refining biofuel; derived from plants.


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