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By Golfrefugees

Now if you’re so inclined, you can check-up on all of the chemicals used in the products you buy, with this fantastic new tool which is open and free to the general public. It’s from ‘The European Chemicals Agency’ (ECHA) who have published online all of the known hazards of every chemical. All you have to do is enter the name of the chemical and agree to their terms and conditions of use;

If you buy cosmetics you can read a list of the chemicals as stated on the packaging. Unfortunately for the consumer, manufacturers and or brands do not have to state what chemicals they use to produce apparel.
So if you are concerned about the chemicals used in your sports clothing, you’ll have to dig a little bit deeper.
Golf Refugees conducted research into polyester for golf apparel and found a whole load of chemicals are required to produce this popular, inexpensive, synthetic fabric.
For example ‘antimony trioxide’ is used as a catalyst to speed up the chemical reaction to produce polyester (PET) fibre.
So what does ECHA say about ‘antimony trioxide’ which is used in your polyester golf polo shirts. Hovering over the ‘hazard statement codes’ reveals the following; H351 – suspected of causing cancer H318 – causes serious eye damage H332 – harmful if inhaled H441 – toxic to aquatic life with long lasting affects
However you do need to look at the bigger picture and not just as a western consumer wearing clothing which contains these chemicals.
What do you know about the brands health & safety regulations for their workers who handle these hazardous chemicals in far away countries where they choose to manufacture? Are major sports brands substantial profits inextricably linked with substantial pollution?
How do you feel about wearing a brands logo that simply washes away hazardous chemicals into local rivers where they cause toxicity with long lasting effects on aquatic life?
You're probably not going to see Justin Rose or any other professional golfer being paid to wear a t-shirt saying 'buy polyester sports apparel and help kill a fish'. ---------------------------------------

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