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Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Orlandobands @Obands

mandipaige (1)March Artist of the Month: Casey Conroy,
casetcStill a small young thing but her voice tells us a different story. Full of rich undertones as if her voice as traveled far and wide and comprehends a style much broader than her years . This amazing singer-songwriter is but 15 years old and has already taken roots in the music scene with her pop and slightly hybrid jazz inspired melodies and vocals as a classic songtress.“ My best “music making memories” are the ones late at night sitting at the piano when I choose music over sleep…” Shall I say anymore? Enjoy our Q&A as we spoke to this diverse talent ready to take the music world by storm!

What would be your dream accomplishment in music?                                                        

My dream accomplishment would be to be an internationally known musician, playing to crowds of thousands of people who know lyrics I wrote in my bedroom.  A Grammy would be amazing as well J

Who would you love to collaborate with?                                                                            

I would love to collaborate with Coldplay.  I also think the Killers or Lorde would be cool!

 What advice would you give to other artist trying to get momentum in the industry?                                                                                                   

I would say just to play at everything and anything.  That was the hardest part for me because I had terrible stage fright, but once I did I was so thankful for the people who pushed me.  Also, just love your own music because if people see how much you love it they’ll catch on.

What have you done in the past year that you would say has definitely helped your project grow?

 I got to headline my own show at the Venue in December.  The show allowed me to establish a strong hour and half show as well create some attraction and get more performance opportunities.

Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows?                                            

Before big shows, I’m usually playing at local coffee houses so I like to promote shows there.

 Would you mind telling us what your #1 song on your playlist is right now?                                                                                                                 

I don’t know if I could narrow it down to just one but if I had to choose a few I’d say Riptide by Vance Joy and Walking On a Dream by Empire of the Sun.  That’s for this week anyways.

 What genre would you really describe yourself as?                        

Probably pop but with hints of electronica and rock.

 Would you say music is a hobby or a life career for yourself?Definitely a life career!  I can’t see myself doing anything else.

 Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader’s about upcoming events or new tracks? **I have a show coming up March 7th at Firestone and April 25th at Firestone again for the Florida Music Festival.  Hope you can make it!




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