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Change by Crazy Town.

Posted on the 03 April 2012 by Melodicwisdom

With the recent news of Crazy Town’s frontman, Seth Binzer, being in a coma I thought of this song from their second album. It describes Seth perfectly – a man who struggles with addiction and can’t quit.  You may have seen him on a couple seasons of Celebrity Rehab. Dr. Drew went out of his way to help Seth battle his addiction. Unfortunately, it’s known that he is chronic relapser and now his life is at stake. Will he wake up? Will this FINALLY make him clean up his act? We can only hope… (No cause of the coma has been released but it is presumed to be drug related because of his ongoing struggles.)

If for some weird reason you’re not familiar with Crazy Town, they became famous for their hit single, Butterfly, released on their 1999 album, The Gift of the Game. Today’s song is from their second album, Darkhorse, which came out in November of 2002. It never became a single but I think it should have. It’s honest and it’s relatable.

Today, Crazy Town continues to work on new songs but they haven’t released an album in almost ten years. If Seth gets out of this and gets his life on track, maybe we’ll see another album someday.

I wanna run but if I run I’m only running form myself 
Would it be easier if I were someone else?
I’m like a child playin’ with matches that’s never beeen burned 
Relearning all the lessons that I’ve already learned 
On a highway to a destinatin I’ve earned 
So many exits, but I’ve never bothered to turn 
I’m like a piece of shard glass laying on a frame of a window 
That was broken by the bricks of pain 

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