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Celebrating All Month: People Skills

By Shawnaschuh
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Holidays have now extended out months – we barely have Christmas and it’s Valentine décor in every store – Christmas is actually most of the year now and Halloween begins to show itself as summer is still happening –

I bring this up because it’s the month I was born and so I’ve decided to celebrate all month –

The actual date is the 13th – and I’m already getting well wishes through Facebook and other social media –

The first time someone I barely knew sent birthday wishes over the web I was surprised and delighted – I still am even though now I know our technology makes it ever easier to know these things – if you are on Facebook and have put in your birth date – people will know.

So what about you? Can you celebrate with me on this? And maybe extend your one day into a full month of celebration? What about a season like they do for other holidays?

I’m celebrating my birth to this earth first quarter maybe… maybe not.

Next is how shall we celebrate? Cake is good… though the results of a full 3 months of cake may not be the smartest…

How about gratitude – that works for me –

I’m grateful – that I was born; to the place and the parents, to the time and the date – to my creator.

How about you? Does it matter what day, week, month a person is born if they celebrate life?

Okay – more questions than answers and I’m hungry – maybe some cake?

Thanks for your birthday wishes – and blessings, Shawna

You can see some of my animals and life here if you’re interested:

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