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Celebrate Small Things: May 23, 2014

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
This week has been an ultra long one. It has been terribly hot with temperatures reaching nearly 42*C (107.6*F) and mostly super dry.

However, I do have things to be thankful for (though the heat is not one of them).

1. My autoimmune problem is responding well to medications and the swelling on my feet have all but gone. (Though the side effects of Neoral are truly bugging me -- the fact that I am getting slowly better is a matter for wild celebration)

Celebrate Small Things: May 23, 2014
2. I am learning how to properly use the new combination microwave and convection oven (no success so far on the baking front but there is steady improvement -- my dogs are enjoying my experiments)

3. Plucky, our dear hyperactive Labrador has just turned 7 months old yesterday (he looks like he is 2 years old)

4. Jyoti, our senior canine baby, is able to open his left eye now. He has been suffering from an eye infection. 

5. Thank goodness for our room cooler -- the hot days are totally unbearable without it

I plan to celebrate all the things I am thankful for (plus the things you are thankful for -- I promise to join you in celebrating) with another attempt at a mango cake. :)

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