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Celebrate Small Things: March 28, 2014

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
I missed posting last week. Mainly because I forgot what day it was... hehehe. The weather was pretty bad too. 
But here I am... I am back :) Celebrate Small Things: March 28, 2014 This week, I am celebrating... 1. I am almost all caught up with the current online classes for the Cousera course  am taking. (Just a couple of video lectures to go and I am all caught up) 2. I received rose seeds for 4 varieties of roses. And they are in the freezer to prepare them for planting. (If anyone has tips on how to plant rose seeds so that they actually grow nicely -- that will make my Dad really happy -- please let me know) 3. I am able to control my temper though I want to wring my internet provider's head because the connection has been intermittent (on and off without warning -- makes downloading and online transactions impossible). The fact that I haven't actually hurled the router against the wall is worthy of celebration! Hehehe Whatever you may be celebrating, I am celebrating with you -- with a really yummy almond butter sandwich (made the almond butter spread myself) Enhanced by Zemanta

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