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Celebrate Small Things

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
Thank goodness it is Friday... :)

Celebrate The Small Things is a bloghop with really simple rules: sign up on the linky (which you can do so below or at Viklit), write about what you are celebrating or want to celebrate, and do the blog-hop and help others celebrate. Oh and maybe do a little jig or have a nice glass of vino... hehehe

This week I am celebrating...

1. Helped a teenaged girl avoid some harassment in a bus yesterday (the guy behind her was trying to push his hands through the gap between the back rest and the seat so he could touch her bottom -- perv!)

2. My random act of kindness: I paid for the fare of a lady who did not know the lay of the city and needed to go to the bus stand which was my destination too so I took her on the rickshaw ride with me.

3. Managed to find the original copy of a legal document without having to go back home for it (It was needed by the passport office and I could not find it among my papers at first... I was on the bus to go back home for the papers when I decided to go through each and every one of the documents in my folder again and... Voila!... There it was so I turned back just in time)

4. After I got that chore done in the city, I caught the bus that would take me straight back to our village without having to do any waiting...Yay! 

5. Enjoying my first bag of potato chips for the month... hehehe

What are you celebrating today? 

Whatever it is... I am celebrating with you... Cheers! (Toasting you with a huge glass of fresh lemonade and a small bag of potato ships!)

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