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Celebrate Small Things

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
Celebrate Small Things
Celebrate small things is a bloghop that was started by Valerie. Bloggers participating in the bloghop are supposed to post about the small (or big, or both) things worth celebrating that may have happened during the week or are being planned for the following week. It could be achievements like writing the first chapter of a book, getting that new cookie recipe just right, or managing to sew a button without pricking a finger. Celebrate small things also means that bloggers will help each other celebrate. 
So, today, being the first Friday of August (2013), it is time to make a list of what I am celebrating. 

1. Some light rain is giving us some respite from the soaring temperatures this week

2. Our lemon trees (we have two) have started giving us lovely reasons to guzzle lemonade by the gallon ... It's perfect for hot days and warm nights.

3. Our guava tree has also started to yield some yummy fruit

4. Our papaya has started flowering... Can't wait to have some delicious papaya (salivating -- lol)

5. Found some money that I had left in an old purse eons ago while cleaning out my closet!  

So me do ze happy dance while holding a tall glass of iced lemonade with mint. Wooooo!

Moi shall dance to help you celebrate too :)

Care to share what you're celebrating this delightful Friday?

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