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Celebrate Small Things

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! It is time to pump up the volume and do some celebratory dancing....  Whoooo! And have some ice cream. Yes!
Celebrate Small Things

Celebrate Small Things is all about having one day a week (Fridays) to celebrate and be grateful for tasks, activities, or things that have happened during the week. It's also the day to  congratulate others, have a piece (or two, or three) of cupcake, enjoy some ice cream, do the happy dance, or just smile and display those gorgeous pearly whites. :)

This Friday, I am celebrating:

1. Getting some of the sweetest ripe mangoes we have found this season. (They were so yummy even our canine babies had some)

2. Discovering some money I had hidden away long ago while I was cleaning out my closet. It wasn't a lot but it was centainly a welcome sight!

3. Received a wonderful gift -- a Kindle Fire HD and a gorgeous purple cover. (Me smiling from ear to ear)

4. Nice harvest of onions and green gram from our vegetable garden. 

5. Finding time to read one book a day :)

I plan to celebrate with some butterscotch ice cream. Don't worry, I promise to have some just for you to help you celebrate your week! (And some dancing, too) 

May you have a great week ahead -- one that will have a lot of things to celebrate. 

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