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Celebrate Small Things

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
Celebrate Small Things It's Friday once again and its the day we say a big thanks to all the good things that have happened during the week and all the accomplishments we have made. It is the day to celebrate all the wonderful things that have happened all throughout the week -- big or small.

Today, these are the things I want to celebrate...

1. Humpty (meaning moi) had a great fall but nothing was broken so that is something really celebration-worthy

2. I managed to drive Dad, Lucky the Lab, and myself home even without a hitch though the fall really hurt... Now that, believe me, is one massive achievement!

3. We got our cooking gas (LPG) tank refill the day before yesterday in under half an hour. That is a miracle!!!

4. My stepmother avoided an asthma attack this week.

5. Dad managed to find a supplier for bricks (for his new project) that charged less than the usual one we go to. We saved some money and that is always worth celebrating.

Those are the things I really want to celebrate today... And I am celebrating by having a big bowl of my favorite sweet and sour snack because it is not so easy to dance today (and I cannot sing worth a damn). 

Whatever you have achieved or plan to achieve... Whatever good happened to you this week... Congratulations, and I am celebrating with you.

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