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Celebrate Small Things

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
Celebration time, come on!!! It's Friday so it is time to do some major celebrating. 
Celebrate Small Things

Celebrate Small Things day means that gorgeous people (like moi) get to make a list of things that they have achieved or are to be achieved during the week. It's also the day for congratulating others for their achievements. And the day to just do some dancin!

This Friday, I am celebrating:

1. Finding (and eating) the most delicious smelling and tasting melons in town yesterday. They were fragrant and so sweet and juicy (me mouth is waterin' again)

2. Learning that the old lady my Dad is sponsoring (and I am driving) to get her dental work done has finally been told by the dentist that all the major stuff has been done! Yay!

3. The grapes in our backyard is ready to be devoured! Yes, they are ripe for the picking... Yummy (me mouth is waterin' some more)

4. An author has given me an advanced copy of her book to read and write a review for. Yes!

5. My stepmom got to go on Skype to speak with her nieces who live in the US (she was sooooo overwhelmed by the technology that she just giggled like a little girl the whole time.)

Whatever it is that you want to celebrate this week, I am celebrating with you! 

Congratulations on what you have achieved and what you will be achieving.

So grind those hips, tap those feet, swing those arms and just move your body in celebration!

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