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Celebrate Small Things

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
Today is Friday so it is time to celebrate small things :) 

Celebrate Small Things is a bloghop or blogfest where people get to make a list of things that they have achieved or are to be done during the week. It is also the time to congratulate others on what they have achieved (or plan to achieve) and celebrate with them.

Today, I would like to celebrate these things:

Celebrate Small Things

1. It rained last Tuesday and that meant we had two beautiful days where the temperatures were cool and not as terribly hot as before. 

2. My stepmother has not needed her oxygen tank for a whole week! (YaaaaY!!!) (she has asthma and a lot of other respiratory issues)

3. The house grapes in our backyard are almost ripe 

5. Our dog's brand new and shiny dog tags have just come in the mail (and they look really snazzy, too)

Whatever you have achieved this week, be it finding a perfect new shirt or unearthing a wonderful picture you haven't seen in years, or be it meeting an old friend... I am celebrating with you! (Me do ze happy dance! Wooooh!)

Congratulations! Let's boogie.... :)

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