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Celebrate Small Things

By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
One of my favorite blogs, VikLit's Writing Blog, has decided to have a new feature on her blog that celebrates small things. I have decided to join her :)
Celebrate Small Things

It involves having a weekly post, specifically every Friday, that contains a list of things achieved or to be done in that week, which I wish to celebrate. And to congratulate others who have joined the program.

Because today is a Friday, it means I should have my list of things to celebrate... :) And those things are:

1. Lucky (our Yellow Labrador) looks like he has gotten rid of his allergy.

2. My stepmom had not had a single asthma attack all week! (yay!)

3. Having fewer powercuts that what is normal in our village. (major yay!)

No matter what you have achieved this week, be it mastering a new recipe or getting to finish reading that book or simply being able to enjoy a delicious tub of ice cream... CONGRATULATIONS! Let's do the dance of joy. Yes!

So what are you celebrating? :)

The program is a blog hop 

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