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Cauliflower Rellenos De Papa (Ground Beef Croquettes)

By Jannese Torres @delishdlites
Thank you Idaho Spuds for sponsoring this post. VeggieMash mashed potatoes are a blend of 100% Idaho® grown potatoes and real vegetables for a new take on a family favorite!

Rellenos de papa are a traditional dish in many Latin countries, including in my homeland, Puerto Rico. They happen to be my all time favorite crunchy snack whenever I visit the island. Typically, they're made with mashed white potatoes, which is formed into croquettes a and filled with a deliciously spiced ground beef mixture known as picadillo. While I love rellenos de papas made with plain mashed potatoes, I also love to find tasty ways to work more veggies into my meals. That's why I'm obsessed with Idaho Spuds' new Veggie Mash! Their new line of products give you lots of surprisingly simple ways to get your family to eat more vegetables. All Idaho Spuds products start with 100% Idaho® Potatoes, and their VeggieMash products are made using real vegetables. I used the VeggieMash featuring Cauliflower, Butter and Herbs, and it's the perfect way to add veggies my rellenos!

Cauliflower Rellenos De Papa (Ground Beef Croquettes)

The results are absolutely phenomenal! u can assemble a ton of these crispy, crunchy fritters, and freeze them for future snacking. These rellenos de papa are highly addictive, so don't say I didn't warn you! And thanks to Idaho Spuds' Veggie Mash worked perfectly as the outer layer of the relleno de papa. Even the husband loved them, and he hates cauliflower! I'm loving this product, because it gets my family to eat their greens - without even knowing it! Making healthy choices has never been this easy. Yo Idaho Spuds' Veggie Mash, my cauliflower rellenos de papa are easy to make, and even easier to eat!

Cauliflower Rellenos De Papa (Ground Beef Croquettes)

Cauliflower Rellenos De Papa

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