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Casual Golf

By Golfrefugees
The official rules of golf are more about keeping score and competition play.
For someone learning the game or just out to have some fun, is it ok to ignore the rule book if it increases enjoyment and participation levels for the game of golf?

PGA magazine and Golf Refugees agree the following for casual golf.

It’s ok to not to keep score.

It’s ok to play from the shortest tees or start at the 150-yard marker.
It’s ok to give yourself a better lie by rolling the ball around a little. It’s ok to tee the ball up anywhere when you are first learning.
It’s ok to only count swings when you make contact with the ball.
It’s ok to throw the ball out of a bunker after one try.
It’s ok to forget a ball that may be lost or out of bounds. It’s ok to drop a ball where you think it might be .... or where you want it to be.
It’s ok to just chip and putt a hole when you feel like it.
It’s ok to pick up in the middle of the hole and enjoy the outdoors and scenery.
It’s ok to skip a hole if you need to take a break
It’s ok to play less than 9 or 18 holes and call it a round.
It’s ok to move your ball away from trees, rocks or very hilly lies.
It’s ok to hit the same club for the entire round, while using a putter on the green.
It’s ok to play golf in your trainers. Be comfortable!
It’s ok to wear denim and flip-flops.
It’s ok to get enthusiastic (high fives, fist pumps and big smiles are encouraged).
It’s ok to talk and use your mobile phone on the golf course. Enjoy a nice conversation or tell a few jokes.
It’s ok to bring your kids to the course, whether they are 5 or 45.
It’s ok to play golf just for fun.

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