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Carrie Preston: How It Should End for Arlene in True Blood

Posted on the 23 October 2013 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Recently Carrie Preston chatted to OK! Magazine about how she would like to see Arlene’s story play out in the final season of True Blood next year. The actress was already impressed with how Arlene’s life had changed in Season 6, but had this to follow up with:

My hope for her would be to see that she continues to grow into this self-sufficient women who is okay with not having a man in her life, and gives herself proper time to grieve for the love of her life, who has only just been lost. I hope they stick with that. I hope they don’t put another romance in there. It would be nice to just have her be a single mother and a powerful woman with a business.

While Preston is happy for Arlene to stay a stable constant in Season 7, she is also happy to see Arlene kick some more butt after her run in with Scott Foley (who played Patrick, the man who ultimately shot and killed her on-screen husband, Terry):

I got to stab him in the neck with a pencil and then pull a gun out. That was my Clint Eastwood moment. I was very happy about that.

While Preston is having a ball playing Arlene, with the ultimate end of True Blood in 2014, she is also a little saddened about the end of an era. When asked is there was anything she would like to keep from the set of True Blood, she had this to say:

If anything I would want to grab something from the Merlotte’s set, even if it is just like one of the pool balls. Or there are all these photos that are stuck up in the back in the bar that nobody really sees, but there are really cool photos of like Alan Ball standing with Charlaine Harris that has been on the set from the beginning. Just little inside stuff like that.

You can view the full interview with Carrie Preston here.

Source: OK! Magazine - OK! Exclusive: Carrie Preston Talks Her Roles On The Good Wife, True Blood, And The Following

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