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Carpe Carmina Celebrates V (feat. Ali Ingle)

Posted on the 17 June 2017 by Vanessa Holthausen @NessiHolt

carpe carmina celebrates V (feat. Ali Ingle)
Are you ready for the second cover contribution of carpe carmina celebrates? You better be, 'cause this one is a banger just ask teenage Ali ;)

carpe carmina celebrates V (feat. Ali Ingle)

photo courtesy of Coco-nut Creative

Back when carpe carmina turned 3 years old ...

... the eponymous title track of his fabulous second EP 'A Life Unlike Yours' was featured in the opening scene of a new tv drama show called 'Outings' and Ali's music got further recognition when he made an appearance at Liverpool International Music Festival at the end of july. Known and admired for his songwriting skills, the creative and clever artist did not only work together with Andy Dunlop on a track for the new Travis album 'Everything At Once' but also was offered to support the four-piece rock band at one of their shows in Norwich. Collaborating with musicians from Heroic and with his pal Luke Cusato, there has been and sure will be plenty of tunes for you to take great delight in – 'For You' by JPB is just one out of many compositional champions. Now Ali is back on track with a nostalgic original song ('Saintly'), it's to no one's surprise a lyrical gem on its own ('pain is in the thinking that I'll get to the end and as I rise, they won't let me ascend. // so easy to ignore when greatness lies below.' yes, this alone is a verse music lovers can and should applaud to), one that is equally beautiful on a musical level, mixing 70s vibes and dreamy yet ludic tonal elements. Those of you who can't get enough of listening to his singing voice after indulging in 'Saintly', you have reason to cheer as Ali has only just started a podcast, '(The) Y(oung) A(nd) M(iserable)', you can tune in to, in which he does both talking and laughing quite often and also introduces you to shiny new music and pensive musings from talented musicians and musos he likes. You see, it's a win-win-situation for everyone!

Music well worth listening to ...  

... as Jamie T's smart lyricism and smooth vocal flow simply suits Ali's own approach to making music. Maybe not as imaginative and poetic in lyrical style as compositions such as 'Yours Alone' or 'The Great Romantic Drought', this song's playful tonal core, straightforward storytelling and slick rhythmic drive carries its audience still what makes it a perfect match for the london-based liverpudlian.

Let's hear it from Ali Ingle ... 
"A big happy birthday to the 4-year-old carpe carmina. They have given me endless support with a real human touch for what seems much longer than 4 years. I was more than happy to record a special cover version of one of my favorite teenage bangers just for them! Happy birthday, we love you!"
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