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Carpe Carmina Celebrates III (feat. Simeon Hammond Dallas)

Posted on the 22 June 2021 by Vanessa Holthausen @NessiHolt

carpe carmina celebrates III (feat. Simeon Hammond Dallas)
Love for music is pure and lasting. And even though the celebration of carpe carmina's anniversary will come to an end soon, the fondness for sounds, sweet and soaring, won't stop here. It will always prevail. So does the gravitas and grace of today's iconic ode for two lovers parting; qualities that Simeon Hammond Dallas enhances with her sentimentally gleaming and attractively ambient take on it. 

Back when carpe carmina turned 7 years old ...

... the fierce female frontier had just wrapped up her single-handedly recorded and produced quarantine project (a candid and captivating collection of songs vulnerable and yet full of spirit and vehemence showcasing the many facets of the blues-country-soul songsmith from London). Self-reliant and strong-minded the avid autodidact (Simeon set her mind to learning how to play the lead guitar for her forthcoming record) continued to advocate her own brand: temptingly trenchant and soulfully stirring stories musically envisioned. The dauntless wild woman worked on merch essentials (tote bags & lyric notebooks), worshipped (and listened to) her own songs on spotify as a sign of wholesome self-love and undying faith in her ever-growing musical skills (you go girl!), and eventually welcomed two new singles to her grand (invitingly introspective) repertoire of musical pieces in late 2020, one poignantly sensual and sensitive ['Witching Hour' (demo)], the other ('August') opulent and commandingly passionate

Drawing inspiration from anger and frustration, from emotional growth and earthly liaisons likewise, the impulsive verse-maker uses music as a personal tool, as an unreservedly righteous and convincingly cathartic outlet; both quick at and eager about calling out abusive, racist and mysogynist demeanor, she writes sonic stories and social media posts in a characteristically quick-witted and articulately ruthless way; a way that got her noticed and picked up by Time To Power Up, an initiative that addresses anti-Black racism and supports Black artists and professionals in the music business. Channeling her affirmative audacity and her agnostic bias for rapt affection at once, the Write Like A Girl alumni with a tendency for romance is currently crafting a new EP that, though it goes by the illustrous title 'Make It Romantic', will most definitely come with a fresh feminist twist [and fabulous cover art framed by Simeon's partner and photographer Poetcurious (Christopher Beschi).] 

Music well worth listening to ...

NessiHolt · carpe carmina celebrates (2021): Simeon Hammond Dallas - I Will Always Love You (cover)
... as this version of 'I Will Always Love You' would not only get all the praise and approval, from country and soul greats Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston, it deserves (for it is rich in engagingly authentic tenor and achingly beautiful tone), but also is one so effortlessly sung, working in vocal ardent grace and devoted warmth perfectly balanced, that you, too, will embrace its atmospherically gripping yet dainty and delicate acoustic soundscape with devotion and desire.

carpe carmina celebrates III (feat. Simeon Hammond Dallas)

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For the wide range of socially relevant topics and core believes Simeon champions as well as for her most recent musical endeavours check on the singer/songwriter's instagram

For self-made merch, including a physical copy of her 2019 EP 'Manic Pixie Dreams', and for all her single releases (digital download) head over to Simeon's bandcamp

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