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Carpe Carmina Celebrates II (feat. Calan Mai)

Posted on the 12 June 2019 by Vanessa Holthausen @NessiHolt

carpe carmina celebrates II (feat. Calan Mai)
We're back with Vol.II of carpe carmina celebrates and it's time to answer a simple question: what is more engaging, more appealing than an already stunning and equally stirring song? Exactly, a(n) (e-)piano-based version of it. That Calan Mai provides you with one sure is no coincidence; that it's an emotionally ambient tonal treat par excellence, is neither. 

Back when carpe carmina turned 5 years old ...

... Australian globetrotter and sensitive storyteller Jordan Lawrence (aka Calan Mai) had just shared his musical view of mutual love growing and granted unconditionally within a family (we're talking about the delightfully cordial sonic narrative of 'We've Got Love' here) and was all set – with an actual set of songs in his 'mental backpack' indeed – to tackle the ultimate goal: recording his debut album (or EP). What was nothing but longing plans back then (however, quite promising ones already as Calan Mai signed to an American management mid 2018), has now finally been made reality over the last month when the sad-song-inclined singer/songwriter spent a couple of weeks in an LA studio with Brian Deck to craft and finalize tearful but thrillingly peppy and melodiously lighthearted compositions at once (a magical signature mix of his!). It's why in 2019 – after the laudable and lovable release of dulcet charmer 'XO' (which has been – deservedly, in our books – nominated for Song of the Year and Video of the Year at the Gold Coast Music Awards) and also after Mai's latest cozily witty melodic musings in the form of warmly captivating single 'Friend of a Friend' – enthusiasts of infectiously mellow, glowingly mesmerizing musicianship can look forward to a full array of carefully crafted and catchy compositions in the post-making and pre-promotion.

Let's be real here (i.e. quoting what a wise musician once said): 'You only get one chance to show the world your debut album.' – and carpe carmina is pretty certain about this chance being used well and wisely. 

*it was Calan Mai himself in an interview with The New Nine in 2018.

Music well worth listening to ... 

... cause though he once stated that his songs would never be haunting sentimental and slow yet never haunting his rendition of Dom Major's alluringly addictive release 'Cigarettes & Beer' is just that;  even more so as tenderly yearning e-piano melodies intertwine with heartrending vocals of oh so sweet accent. Bravo! 

Lets hear it from Calan Mai ...

»Happy birthday to carpe carmina! Blogs like this are so important to the indie music scene. We need people like Nessi who live, breathe and love music with everything that's inside them. I sincerely appreciate the support I've been given and hope people continue to find great new artists through this curated platform.« 

carpe carmina celebrates II (feat. Calan Mai)

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