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Carne Guisada (Puerto Rican Beef Stew)

By Jannese Torres @delishdlites
This delicious, authentic recipe for Puerto Rican carne guisada is a hearty beef stew that features lots of Caribbean flavors. Savory chunks of beef are simmered in a rich gravy until it is melt-in-your-mouth tender. This is Puerto Rican comfort food at its best!

When the weather gets cold, I crave low and slow cooked meals, like this Carne Guisada. Puerto Rican beef stew is one of my mom's specialties, I always got super excited whenever she said this was on the menu. Good carne guisada is like a warm belly hug, full of deliciously tender meat, potatoes, carrots and plenty of Latin spices. This is a dish that requires some patience, but the wait is definitely worth it. You'll need a few Puerto Rican staples for this recipe, like adobo, and sofrito; they're essential flavor components in this dish.

What Is Puerto Rican Carne Guisada?

Carne guisada is a beef stew that is native to many parts of Latin America. It translates to "stewed meat", and typically refer to tougher cuts of beef that are cooked in a flavorful broth until it's fork tender. The distinctive flavors of this Puerto Rican version comes from sofrito/recaito. Sofrito is a cooking base used in Puerto Rican cuisine. It's a blend of vegetables and herbs like garlic and recao (culantro) that gives every dish a punch of distinctly Puerto Rican flavor.

What Are The Best Cuts Of Beef For Puerto Rican Carne Guisada?

I typically pick up the packet of meat that says "stew meat" and is already conveniently diced up. Beef stew meat typically comes from the large shoulder of a cow, more commonly called " chuck". But roast, top and bottom round, tips, and even steak can be used as stew meat. If using a large chunk of meat, you'll need to cut the beef into 1-inch cubes.

Can I Omit The Red Wine?

Yes, you can! If you prefer not to use alcohol in this dish, you can substitute with the same quantity of low sodium beef broth or stock, or even water. Don't use red cooking wine, it will just concentrate the funky flavors and make the dish bitter. Use a good quality red wine that you'd like to drink, like a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.

My Broth Is Watery, How Do I Thicken It?

The broth won't be super thick, but if you'd like to thicken it more, just cook your stew, uncovered, until it's reduced to your preference. You can also thicken it by adding a slurry, which is just an equal mixture of corn starch and cold water. Pour the slurry into the broth to thicken. Start with 1 tablespoon of corn starch + 1 tablespoon of water, and add more if needed.

What To Serve With Puerto Rican Carne Guisada?

Serve the carne guisada with white rice, tostones and an avocado salad.

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Carne Guisada (Puerto Rican Beef Stew)

Carne Guisada (Puerto Rican Beef Stew)

Carne Guisada (Puerto Rican Beef Stew)

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