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Carne Bif (Puerto Rican Stewed Corned Beef)

By Jannese Torres @delishdlites
Puerto Rican stewed corned beef AKA carne bif is a popular dish in Puerto Rico with simple pantry ingredients, yet bold flavors!

For those unfamiliar with Puerto Rican cuisine, we are all about good old fashioned comfort food. Something about my mother's Puerto Rican cooking just warms my soul. Food is family, and carne bif, in particular, reminds me of home. It's one of those oldies, but goodies.

This dish was likely born out of necessity, and now has achieved cult-like status as a nostalgic classic that brings back many childhood memories. This dish isn't something I have too often, as it's not the healthiest option. But when I do make it, it definitely transports me back to simpler times, and isn't that the whole point of food, anyway?

What is Puerto Rican Carne Bif?

Canned corned beef (AKA carne bif) is an absolute Puerto Rican pantry staple - so much so, that in 2011, when a huge recall completely disrupted the island's supply, people just about went nuts. Canned corned beef = gold in a can. It's crazy, maybe, but believe me, I get it. There's just no substitute for this stuff. Regular deli sliced corned beef just won't cut it. You need the canned stuff. The canned corned beef is stewed with , tomato sauce, and spices like and , along with corn kernels. I add diced potatoes into the stew as well. This transforms humble canned corned beef into a delicious Puerto Rican delicacy known as Carne Bif.

What To Serve With Puerto Rican Carne Bif?

Puerto Rican carne bif is inexpensive, uses common ingredients in Latin households, and can be made in no time. We don't have to sacrifice flavor when trying to save money! I like to serve my carne bif with platanos maduros (fried sweet plantains), but it's also commonly served with a big pile of french fries in Puerto Rico. A side of white rice and some avocado rounds out this delicious, comforting bowl of nostalgia.

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What's your fave childhood dish that screams nostalgia? Comment below!

Carne Bif (Puerto Rican Stewed Corned Beef)

Carne Bif (Puerto Rican Stewed Corned Beef)

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