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Carmina Suavia #5 (feat. Episode 40)

Posted on the 22 June 2016 by Vanessa Holthausen @NessiHolt

There is no end in sight - welcome back to yet another episode of carmina suavia. Time to take delight in a charmingly colourful musical mix ...
carmina suavia #5 (feat. episode 40)
Sweet, sweet melodies floating in the air - are you really listening to the music we share? 
  I: the premiere date 
May 24th 2016
II: the songs featured
01. The Mono LPs - Die A Little Death
02. The Swimmer - Tombstones
03. Rock Bottom Risers - Jeweller's Rouge
04. Violent Mae - In The Sun
05. Aztecs - Faith
06. Pleasure House - Why'd You Have 2 Go
07. The Pylons - Outside Inbetween
08. New Desert Blues - By The Lakes
09. Gary Roberts - Ice&Stone
10. Tom Mitchell - Changeover
11. Lowpines - No Hercules
12. SHOR - Feel
13. River Cars - And
14. Hannah Kewn - Tell Me Straight
15. Eleanor Nelly - Something's Got To Give

Intro ('Love Collides') and outro('This Is Where It Ends') provided by Midnight Hour's lead singer, Brad Lodge.
III: the reviews given (via twitter)

Time to let yourself in for gripping vocal bravado and sonorously dynamic instrumentals

Indulge in an excitingly hazy and hauntingly clangorous soundscape

Groovy melodics and confident vocal blues show 

  Breezy and powerfully rhythmic melodic vivacity coupled with strong vocal allure

Smooth and shiny vocals surge through brisk and dreamy melodic waves

  Youthful and spirited indie vibes meet perky vocal charisma 

Emotionally enchanting vocalism and blissfully rising, vigorous tonal vitality delight

Dulcet harmonies, glowing yet languorous melodies and soulful vocals

Inviting storytelling, vivid acoustic charm and stirring vocal glow carry away

Melodiously ethereal and atmospheric tonal narratives joined by warm vocal serenity

Mellow and mesmerizing melodies, yearning vocal expressivity

Dreamfully drifting and electrifying melodiousness interwoven with wistful vocal longing

Euphonious and brightly sparkling instrumental bliss, cozy vocal emotionality

 Hypnotically alluring and vibrant tonality, gracefully sensitive vocalism

Absorbing vocal passion falls into line with vivifying and energetic acoustic vim
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