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Carmina Suavia #4 (feat. Episode 39)

Posted on the 22 May 2016 by Vanessa Holthausen @NessiHolt

You're still here? Well, good for you - as this new episode of carmina suavia includes a bunch of crackin' tunes, some to indulge in, some to sing along to at the top of your lungs and some to simply rock out t. So, what are you waiting for? Press play ...
carmina suavia #4 (feat. episode 39)
Sweet, sweet melodies floating in the air - are you really listening to the music we share? 
  I: the premiere date 
May 10th 2016
II: the songs featured
01. The Haze - She's My Baby
02. Blossoms - Blow
03. Pleasure House - Wasted On Me
04. The Albino Peaches - Static Love
05. The Nursery - Hexes + Oh's
06. Trudy & The Romance - Baby I'm Blue
07. The Sherlocks - Last Night
08. The Box Tiger - The Hive
09. The Cairds - Landslide
10. Carbon - Bonfires
11.Mountainjam - Waiting
12. Red Light Revival - To My Door
13. Windmill - Birdman
14. Adam Wedd - He Laughs
15. Valley Shine - See You Soon

Intro ('Love Collides') and outro('This Is Where It Ends') provided by Midnight Hour's lead singer, Brad Lodge.
III: the reviews given (via twitter)

Groovy and gripping instrumental verve, bold vocal briskness 

A thrilling & moody sound, intense yet melodious vocal spirit

Powerfully driven instrumentals&ardent vocal charm rise in a hypnotic fashion

A tensely rhythmic and sonorous stomper of a song

Are you ready for a funky and vivace, eccentric musical adventure?

With a falsetto to die for, bluesy  and soulful, this song casts a spell on you

Infectiously clangorous and confident melodic momentum

Dreamfully alluring and spiritedly soaring at once

Harmoniously drifting and bright indie vibes

Brisk and boldly spellbinding vocal charisma meets blissfully vigorous melodies

Throaty vocal soul, a vividly driven and emotionally soaring soundscape

Soulfully absorbing vocal passion, a fervent melodic atmosphere

Haunting vocalism, dreamy, dulcet harmonies and a melodiously rich sound

Raspy vocal warmth allies with delightfully euphonious melodic longing

Charmingly uplifting, darling and glowing musical vividness
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