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Carmina Charm

Posted on the 26 April 2014 by Vanessa Holthausen @NessiHolt

Carmina Charm

There are these never-tiring, always fascinating and highly atmospheric, poignant songs you rapidly warm up, you inevitably lose your heart to and ever since are held captive by. It's the songs that linger on, that are absorbing in there mere presence, are endearing and haunting in sound to an extent that you find yourself humming their melody, whilst inviting and expressive vocals, vocals which tell of colourful, eidetic and inspiring stories, keep playing on your mind, might go unheard by others yet move and stir your soul. You're taken in by these heart-warming and expressive songs, by their catchy and dynamic rhythms and can't help but vocalizing your genuine affection and enthusiasm for the magical music moments these compositions have granted you. It's these very moments I want you to relivewith me - accompany me on a musical journey and find what music gemshave made a lasting impression on me, have stroke a chord with me in the long run, have awaken the desire and wish to pay tribute to themin a decent manner. This is how carmina charm has seen the light of day, to pronounce and award songs which charm, enchant and involve, whose melodies resound and resonate with and within the listener, therefore are destined to indulge in. Now, let these alluring, deep-felt and thrilling melodies turn on their charm and be mesmerized ...

I. Michael's Garden

Carmina Charm

Tom Mitchell 

Bristol-based singer/songwriter Tom Mitchell bets on guitar rhythmised, delicate folk compositions, enthrals with languorousand laid-back, naturally flowing melodies and perceptive, picturesque narratives. The self-chosen solo artist is at ease with his blissful, mellow music making - and it shows: both the placid, apollonian atmosphere Tom's acoustic coloured, soulful music conveys, and the scenic, melancholic instrumental arrangements the artist brings into being, make his lyrical opus blossom and paint a melodically haunting, dreamy portrait of sound, interwoven with wonderful dynamic accents of bracing and cheerful tonal verve.
With 'Michael's Garden' (the second track of Tom Mitchell's recent EP 'Things That I Need To Undo') the 60's inclined and influenced vocalist and guitarist casts a spell over the audience by evoking harmonious and tranquil yet inciting imaginations through gentle still vivifying, perky chords, by telling a heartfelt and poignant storythrough silky, distantly echoing and charmingly calling vocals. It's due to its subtle and soft, its ambient nonetheless expressive and arousing nature that this song deeply appeals and resonates.
Carmina Charm

Tom Mitchell's four-track EP in its entirety comes in with a warmand sensitive colour of sound, with spellbinding and evocative, rich storytelling, seemingly designed to witness in a live acoustic guise, hence do not miss the chance to gather at The Islington in London on May 4th - 8pm sharp - and experience the luring andsweeping melodic might of the brilliant bristol soundsmith.

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  II.  We'll Find Out (dem0)  

Carmina Charm

Jonny Stemp

Residing in london, the inspiring and striving singer/songwriter Jonny Stempcertainly is surrounded by all kinds of artistical and creative outbursts and revelations, yet found his own niche to settle - with success obviously. Focusing on renditions of sensitive and emotionally longing music for now, commonly sharing stirring sentiments and an engrossing, rhythmic sound, his tendency for sorrowful yet soulful acoustics is undeniable.
Rousing, characteristic and yearning vocals, the sonority of mellifluous, harmonic piano and atmospheric, quaint guitar components, unfold a regretful, resigned, poignant and tearful tale of loving and letting go, of desire, pain and eventually of acquiescence. It's a genuine story of intensity and ardour, of tenderness and vulnerability that comes upon the listener, aims at contrasts which are perfectly embodied by Jonny Stemp's raspy, dimly resonatingstill sensitive voice. 'We'll Find Out' is merely a demo, but its minimalist thus laid-back, unaltered, intense thus urgent sound, its vocally and tonally executive ease yet compositional, lyrical gravity, makes this acoustic composition even more involving and irresistible to listen to. 

Is anyone else eager to find out how the fully elaborate version of this very song sounds? We'll find out eventually, until then enjoy one of Jonny Stemp's recent renditions: Half Moon Run - Fire Escape, a cover which found even the band's overt approval.

Carmina Charm

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