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Caring for Your Newborn | Moms Over 40

By Momatlast @momatlast

Becoming a Mother over 40 is an incredible achievement in itself, yet caring for your newborn in those first delicate weeks can seem like an overwhelming task. There can be so many questions and adjustments to go through as you learn about your new baby and what he or she needs, especially for first-time mothers over 40. However, there’s plenty of advice and help on hand, to make the experience as rewarding as it is demanding.
caring for your newborn moms over 40
The basics of childcare in these early stages may seem to be all about feeding and nappy changing. It’s also important to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes there can be too much information available – and some of it conflicting – so select a few people you trust such as a parent, sibling and, of course, your doctor or midwife, to advise you. Having these people around when you need some practical support is also invaluable so don’t feel you have to do it all alone.

Make routine tasks as fun and stress-free as possible, for both you and your baby. Whether you bathe your child every day or a few times a week, choose a time when you won’t be interrupted. A bedtime bath can be handy for you both to wind down. Look for advice on all the things you’ll need but a few key pointers can help, like using a hooded towel to wrap your baby in and testing the temperature carefully before you begin. When they are a couple of months old, you may want to start bathing with your child which can be a great bonding experience for moms and dads alike.

When it comes to that first trip outside, it can seem daunting. This is an important bridge to cross though, for your sake as much as your baby’s. Spending all your time at home alone can put a strain on anyone and it’s healthy to get some fresh air, interact with other people while your partner is at work and introduce your baby to the outside world. Your first journey doesn’t have to be a long one; take a short walk or a careful drive around the block. Make sure you have all the equipment sorted beforehand, such as appropriate car seats, a buggy or carry cot. When a child gets towards the 6 month mark, you might need to move up to pushchairs, but it makes sense to consider size and practicality, especially if you use public transport. Once your baby comes you will not have much time for shopping, however it is easy to find pushchairs online, along with other essentials.

Though being a Mom over 40 may feel like something you’re never ready for, like many things it’s often a case of time and practice. Remember to make time for yourself – something as simple as reading a book while your partner takes care of the baby can make you feel human again. Everyone’s needs are different and everyone has a different style of parenting but by using your intuition, good sense and listening to your baby, you will have no problem taking care of your child.


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