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Caring For Mum After She Was Hit By A Bus; #CarersWeek

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10067149 Caring For Mum After She Was Hit By A Bus; #CarersWeek

I haven’t been a carer for long says one anonymous mom today. I am caring for my mom and I wanted to share my own experience of what life is like being a carer.

I am a full time mom to a 23 month daughter and caring for mom is a part time job too.

On the 3rd of March my Mum (Joan) was hit by a bus in her local town, a 2 minute walk from her home. I was told she wouldn’t survive the night, a point came where I was asked to switch her life support off.

Refusing to give up on my mom I knew she had fight left in her.

Over the following 13 weeks my mom came out of her coma and began to get better.

She was left with brain injuries resulting in a complete change in her personality.

She has a broken pelvis in certain places and cannot lift her leg to get into the bath.

She is unable to walk far and relies on me for most things. Caring for mom is something I do because I love her and don;t ever want to think that she has to struggle.

I am now splitting my time between caring for my mom and my daughter this is a everyday struggle as my partner who has a heart condition also sometimes need to rely on me.

Being a carer for my mom is rewarding as I feel that I am giving back to her for raising me on her own for 5 years when I was younger.

She didn’t ask me to look after her and is a woman who doesn’t like to ask for help, a very stubborn woman, maybe that’s where I get it from.

But she is very lucky to be alive and I am grateful that I still have my beautiful mom no matter what her disability is.

I’m not being paid a wage for caring for her, I care for her out of love and respect of what she has suffered through.

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Its National Carers week and as Matt, my husband has just become my own carer due to my mental health this is something close to my heart. I wanted to highlight and raise awareness of the jobs carer’s do and what its really like to be one. If you are a carer and would like to share your own experience you can email me; [email protected]  - it can be added to the blog anonymously or you can choose to include your name and your own images if you wish.

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