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Caring About What’s Important: My 30 Day Strategic Plan

By Jenrene
So I missed one day in October, but  I don’t plan on missing another. I am deciding to  blog about my life, my work and add special attention to what is priority.  One of them is my family and having them know I love them. What does this have to do with Red Sea Situations and my blog? Caring About What’s Important:  My 30 Day Strategic Plan Caring About What’s Important:  My 30 Day Strategic Plan Well, I believe if you don’t take time for self-evaluation of what’s important and prioritize, your days shall be filled with days of grief and sorrow, but most of all, regret.  Red Sea Situations(unexpected grief-filled situations ) can leave you full of regret if you don’t take the time to  consider and embrace perspective and what’s really important on a daily basis. I don’t like living with regret. If I choose STRATEGY, then the ball is more likely to fall in my court and with  great intention. As I begin this blog challenge, I hope to carry out three things during this time period: A. To blog better, and more often without thought before i  do, because I absolutely love to write; B. To accomplish a 30 day blog challenge with a friend and say :”I did it!” becasue life feels good when we can accomplish a goal; C. To be inspired to  finish my book before Christmas! ( Pray for me, you all… smile) I had revelation today about how to plan and set up my time and thinking patterns and am excited, so I decided to  follow through with it on my blog for Red Seas, and not the site –  because this blog deals with purpose daily! I am not sure what to do but to say that I have a plan and I am siked about how much time will go towards actually fulfilling my goals, and helping others to see and know the importance of prioritizing their own goals! Today’s post is about what the  word: STRATEGIC . It means: cardinal, critical, decisive, imperative, important, key, necessary, vital all-important, climacteric, conclusive, consequential, crucial, dangerous, deciding, decisive, desperate, determinative, dire, exceptive, grave, hairy*, hazardous, high-priority, integral, momentous, perilous, pivotal, precarious, pressing, risky, serious, significant, strategic, urgent, vital, weighty .  Were you all as surprised as I was to see the word: “hairy” in there? I’m just saying… I am still trying to figure that one out!  ;0) Having said this, I really believe it is primary we give thought to what’s important on a daily basis: Today,  I had my mom on my schedule and prioritized a call to her, because she is having cataract surgery on tomorrow morning and it’s VITAL I let her know how much I love her and am wishing the best, so I called my sister and had a three-way call with her.  Nice to talk to mom and my sister together! nice tohave family, too, so I shared my hubby and my nephew and his son on here too, because it’s just nice to share memories  and be grateful about thoughts that make my family special. Thanks Mom for being there when I needed you to be there and so now we ( your daughters)  stand in the gap for you to be loved and cared for today in a special way through prayer.  Yes, her name is in the meaning of having a strategy, because she’s  all important to us! Pray for my mom’s you all… she’s a special lady, indeed!Caring About What’s Important:  My 30 Day Strategic Plan

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