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Career Loans for Top Amateur Golfers?

By Golfrefugees

When you decide to turn pro you probably need about 20-25k to go on tour. There was a very good example recently when the current female British amateur champion received an invite to play on the LPGA's first major. Unfortunately she nor her family could afford the airfare and accommodation. There is an opportunity for golfing bodies to take a stake in their most promising young amateur golfers by offering a loan system to turn pro, where the money is paid back with interest if they succeed.
In the UK you can take out a student loan to cover your university fees etc, which enables students from all backgrounds to attend university. When they graduate and start earning a salary above a stated threshold, they then start to pay the money back plus interest to the government. Sports coaching and training costs a small fortune. Where does the money come from if not from your parents / family and friends? Could a similar loan system work for new professional golfers?

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