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Career Experience : Garance Doré

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
I remember being 5 or 6 and going visiting my aunt with my superhero aka my father. At that time he was the most intelligent, cultured, tall and good looking man on earth and I wouldn't have wanted another father. He was THE best dad ever. At that time my super elegant dad was holding my hand in his. Always in a suit and wearing his Burburry coat, we took the elevator but before it closed a man entered. Little did I know this moment would change my life. This man was taller, REALLY taller, than my dad. It disturbed me therefore I loathed this man from the bottom of my heart. Strong feeling, I know. But how did he dare turn my godlike father into a mere human  just because he was taller than him ? I told this story to my mother recently and she smiled amused whilst hearing it. She said to me: "Children are the most interesting creatures on earth. Maybe you didn't realize it at that time but your loathe for this man was none other than you starting maturing. Though your dad was the man you placed upon all the others, you came to understand he was only like other people : a human." My mother is certainly right as this experience also remained firmly fixed in my memory because it is then I started admiring other people than my father.Today I am 25 and I still firmly believe my dad is the most intelligent, cultured, tall and good looking man on earth and I don't want another father since he is the THE best dad ever. But maturing I learnt having other people to admire is not that bad. And among the pople I ALWAYS look forward to learning from there is Garance DoréI know I am not even original, who doesn't know Garance one of the most famous blogger in the world ?! But I don't want to talk about blogging but her experience, her career, everything that brought her to create her blog and make it what it is today. Last week I told you about my interning at Stylight, but truth to be told I am terrified by my own choice. Taking a new path in an unknown environment is frightening, not having a friend or a relative working in the fashion field is even terrifying since I can't ask for advices (and I am NOT speaking about being given a column or a post because I am the daughter, niece, cousin, sister or whoever you want me to be of some famous fashion someone or royalty..) to someone. I am pretty sure I am not the only one in this case hence the video below of Garance talking at Google HQ about how everything started step by step. It doesn't matter what you want to become, I just believe listening to what she has to say is enriching for whoever is in doubt or need a piece of advice. So take a notebook and a pen or some tea and think of this video as if you were watching a good movie. I know attention span for us internet users is going away little by little but really WATCH THIS VIDEO UNTIL THE END because you will laugh whilst getting precious knowledge 

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