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Cara Delevingne – Model of the Moment

By Wildchildmedia @wildchildmedia

Not since the reign of Kate Moss has one models name been on the tongue of every Tom, Dick and Harry in the fashion world.

The girl of the minute also has more in common with the legendary supermodel - explain-ably they both hail from the same agency, the reason behind her catapulting fame.

It was the scouting expertise of Sarah Douglas who spotted Kate Moss in JFK airport, who noticed a similar potential in Miss Delevingne, 20, a school friend of Sarah’s daughter, she noticed her talent at a fashion show at their private school Bedales, straight away signing her to the books of Storm model management in ’09.

Jetting into town straight from this years New York Fashion Week, where she strutted her stuff in 13 shows, including Marc Jacobs and Oscar De La Renta. Cara then jumped on to dominate London Fashion Week, with a few controversial outfits. Notably the outlandish collection by Sister by Sibling, styled by Katie Grand, the editor-in-chief of Love, who has been very influential in the young models rocketing career.

Cara has graced the front cover of many high fashion magazines, featuring in the March edition of Vogues front cover, looking flawless. A high profile slot indeedy!

Part of Delevingne’s appeal is that she can break out of the serious, model mode and have fun backstage and when she’s not working. She isn’t letting her career take away from the fact that she’s still a lively 20 year old, just follow her on Instagram to see some crazy shots, she was even papped last week doing the ‘harlem shake’ backstage after a show!

In the press and on Twitter, we can gauge a lot from Caras life and her social goings on, regularly posting pictures with best friend or ‘Wifey’, Rita Ora and other supermodels such as Jordan Dunn and Georgia Jagger. It’s also clear to see that Cara is a family girl at heart, often sharing family pics,she is the daughter of a property tycoon and former society beauty, and her older sister, Poppy, is also a model and ambassador for the British Fashion Council. LADEDAA!

Physically, her strong, rather large, eyebrows and snub nose are defining, unique features – and their popularity is representative of a general mood in the fashion world away from armies of model clones appearing on the catwalk, being below the average height of most supermodels, she is quite a controversial young lady, some may say, she is breaking the mould!

With an impressive running total already, Delevingne is well and truly on her way to matching the 39 shows that she walked in last season, which included Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel. Catwalk royalty already and she’s only getting started!



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