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Car-less Sundays At Filinvest

By Barefootdaves
Car-less Sundays At Filinvest It’s that time of the year when schools close down, the sun rises extra early and sets later than ever. Yes, it’s summer once again and there is no better place to play than in Filinvest City, where action and adventure can be found in every corner!
For its growing running and biking community, Filinvest City gives more reasons to hit the streets as it implements Carless Sundays allowing these enthusiasts to freely use the city’s tree-lined avenues for their favorite workout from 5AM to 10AM
During this time period, The City Loop, running from one side of Corporate, Commerce, Parkway and Filinvest Avenues, will be closed off while the other side of these streets will accommodate two-way traffic
Car-less Sundays At Filinvest

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