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Car Karaoke, Survivor, Empire, The Goldbergs & Black-ish

Posted on the 05 May 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
May 5, 2016
The Answer to Wednesday's Mother's Day Trivia Contest: Claire Dunphy is Hayley, Alex and Luke's Mom 
First Fives: Stephanie Catino, Bill McLaughlin, Kathy Connelly, Allison Shapiro & Mike O'Dea
Honorable Mention: Karen Feldman
Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5 
NCIS-CBS 1.9/14.5
NCIS New Orleans-CBS 1.8/12.3
The Voice-NBC 1.6/8.4
Chicago Fire-NBC 1.6/7.7
Chicago Med-NBC 1.5/7.5
Tuesday's Cable Top 5
NBA Playoffs-TNT 1.5/3.7
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.6
Americas Choice-CNN .8/3.3
Deadliest Catch-Discovery .7/2.2
The Kelly File-FOX News .7/5.2
Tuesday's Social Top 5
The Voice-NBC 393,000 Tweets
America's Choice-CNN 110,000 Tweets
The Flash-CW 48,000 Tweets
At Midnight-Comedy Central 31,000 Tweets
Hannity-FOX News Channel 25,000 Tweets


I was a little freaked out by the monkeys flying around and jumping on our friends during the reward challenge, weren't you guys? Just give me the food and a shower. Do we really need to risk monkey poop being thrown on us at this point? I don't know. I did enjoy the wobbly table Immunity Challenge, the game guys have stepped it up a bit this season. I was hoping that Cydney's slow and steady strategy would help her get that necklace because all I wanted was for Jason to go home. Jeff was once again, super annoying with his play-by-play. I'm serious...one of these days, Jeff needs to let Boston Rob or Jeff Schroeder host and put himself in the game. He really does. Anyway, what was up with my cute little buddy, Tai? See what a little power can do to someone? Clouds their judgment big time. He used his extra vote and STILL didn't get what he wanted, but at least I got what I wanted. Only one problem, now, Tai's in danger of going home and honestly, it's his own fault. Tribal council has become an art form of it's own. If you play it right, you can change the game where in years passed things were usually settled before everyone even touched their torches, now, it's anyone's game. 
The Goldbergs
Ugh, Space Camp. I was never a fan of all of that. Hated that movie and all the Space Camp kids in my school. Gotta admit they were the super-geeky kids. We did learn what Adam's middle name is, 10 points for anyone who caught that. I liked the switcheroo in this one. Instead of the gooey Mother's Day, we got an angry/vengeful Bev. Cashing in alllllll those coupons her ungrateful kids made her over the years. I bet Barry and Erica will never forget another Mother's Day again. Loved the Maury dummy. Who know Murray had such mad skills at anything other than semi-naked lazy boy champion. Did you catch the scrolling TV guide? I totally remember missing what I needed to know during the scroll. Instead of the super heavy Mom moment, we got a super heavy Dad moment with Murray, his Dad and Adam. Anyone catch the name of the airline on Adam's ticket to Space Camp? 25 points if you got it. And of course...a few points for the song too. 


How is it possible that Lucious's Mom can just walk out of her facility just like that but for 20 years she didn't even try to leave? The entire Lyons family took finding out about grandma way too well if you ask me. I'm still pissed about much smaller things that went on in my family. Ridiculous that the nurse Lucious was paying a boatload of dough for would just leave and leave Grandma Lyons alone with a knife and the ability to bake a thousand cakes in a night. I hate to admit this but I still have a hard time with Gabourey Sidibe. She's just tough to watch for me. Please don't judge. I'm not proud of it, but I had to get it off my chest. Portia looked totally different without the pink mohawk and was it Anika who pushed Rhonda down the stairs and if it was...why? Did I miss a plot point? Finally a great song in last nights episode, it's been a while since they've had any song I wanted to go to Spotify and check out.


I guess the producers of Black-ish were missing Charlie and hating Wanda and the Jewish chick as much as I was. Did you notice that? The girls are gone and Charlie's back! YEAH. Now if only they could get on the same page with regard to Bow's hair. What the F was up with those mini Leia Buns? How in the world do they let Tracy Ross Ellis walk out of the make-up trailer like that? 


-Suppppper fun Car Karaoke last night with Gwen Stefani and 2 very juicy surprise guests. Check it out right now!


-Lots of Hulu news yesterday. They're renewing one of my personal current faves, The Path and The Mindy Project which I never really got into but think I might reconsider. Huli's subscriber growth seems to be slowing and overall their 12 million subscribers pale in comparison to Netflix's 81MM subscribers. The Path is the first thing I've really gone specifically to Hulu for. It just takes one show to get people interested. Is The Path their House of Cards? Not really but it's close. 

-More morning show shake-ups but not at ABC, this one is over at NBC. Billy Bush is moving East and Natalie Morales is heading to LA to co-anchor Access Hollywood and Access Hollywood Live. She'll also serve as the West Coast anchor of the Today Show while Billy takes her spot in NYC. I'm not an NBC morning show person, so for me, this isn't as juicy at all as Kelly & Michael but mornings are getting crazy, aren't they? I need to retire so I can keep up with it all.
-Ellen must have been taking major notes on Oprah's career. She's pretty amazing and has become the newest media mogul. She's got her show, her clothing line, her books, her home furnishing lines, she's the producer of Little Big Shots and other shows, she's got the Heads Up Game App and now a Digital Media Network. The Ellen Digital Network will combine original programming and user generated content. She's going to work with Tyler Oakley the king of Social Media to produce original shows. They already have 6 new series to start us out with:
Damn Daniel (for Snapchat)
Ellen's Pet Dish 
Dance Challenge
Epic or Fail 

-This week SNL is back with Brie Larson and Alicia Keys, then,

Drake's back to host and perform. He was awesome last time. Fred Armisen will host the finale on 5/21 which could be pretty good. I'm betting he invites a bunch of his old castmates back for some help to close out the Season. 

-No idea at all who or what Altice is. Definitely need to do some research but I'm hoping it means something GOOD for me since I am a Cablevision household. They're forking over $17.7 billion for Cablevision. I guess none of them must actually have Cablevision otherwise they might think twice before making such a big purchase.  

Thursday's Mother's Day Trivia Question: Who's is Becky, Darlene & DJ's Mom? 

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