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Capturing What You See

By Pattyhankins @PattyHankins

When people see my flower photographs at shows they often ask me – how do I get them to look the way they do? How do I know what to focus on? What to show in the photo? And what to leave out?

I recently recorded a video that walks you through an example of how I photographed some butterfly weed. In just a few minutes, I show you how I went from first spotting the flowers in the garden – to having a photograph that I’m happy to share.

If you find the information in this video helpful, sign up for my monthly series of photo tips designed to help you take better photos with the camera gear you already have. You can sign up at When you sign up, you’ll be able to download my report on Understanding Your Camera Dial – which explains the four basic exposure modes available on most cameras.

And if you’d like to work with me in person, I will be teaching two workshops Retro Photography for the Digital Age: Photographing with Large Format Cameras and Instant Film and Capturing the Beauty of Nature: Photographing Flowers this summer in the Washington, DC area.

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