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Capri Bifold – a 1920s Style Wedding Invitation

By Artemisstationery @ArtmsStationery

This post is a follow on to one of last week's post which showed Capri up close in a pastel red and orange colour scheme (see it here). Today I would like to show how that pattern got put into practice on a new sample design for a bifold invitation. If you're not familiar with what Artemis Stationery's bifold invitations are like you can read a whole article on them here (also on this blog). Though in brief they're square shaped invitations or 30 by 15 cm approximately when open. On the cover they feature one of our collections designs but it's inside where they're really something special. The design carries on into the inside of the invitations. They also incorporate a detachable RSVP which also matches the design.

1920s style Wedding Invitation

Capri often gets used with Art Deco fonts as there are elements in the design which really reflect the 1920's Art Deco period. Though the 1920's were not all Art Deco and the font used here called Eccentric Std I think reflects the broader period. Maybe with a touch of the Art Nouveau which has a few more curves than the usually angular and geometric Art Deco. There is a whole post on Art Deco fonts on this blog - see it here.

Invitation front page

You can see the cover in the first photo of the mini slideshow. Capri here features 3 Swarovski crystals whose colour is called Padparadscha (which I have copy and pasted to make sure I get the spelling right). Capri doesn't have to be used with crystals at all or it can be used with more than 3 crystals, the choice is yours. The crystals simply replace flowers in the central part of the design.

Inside the Invitation

On the inside you can see the page that faces your guest as they open their invitation on the right hand side contains all of the invitation text. On the facing page is the detachable RSVP. This has the same pattern on as is printed behind and is attached in a way that the pattern printed on the RSVP and the page behind line up. Behind the RSVP is a map and space for information. The body text in this font has also been put in a font sympathetic to the 1920's. This is UnivrstyRoman Bd BT.

If you would like to see Capri on the main stationery website click here. Be sure to note we can print Capri in any colour, not just the ones you might see in images.

There are also plenty more posts on this blog featuring Capri, either explore, use the search or the suggested posts at the bottom of this post.

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