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Candid Thoughts on Acquiring My First Fashion Designer Piece

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
Yesterday I should have posted this article but finally couldn't because on top of my daily life some unexpected events came on the way but here it is ! 

Since a long time I've been wanting to ask you something. I assume that if you are reading that blog, somehow you have an interest in fashion and style. Before starting Incognito I did love dressing up and style, but I must admit that I didn't know anything about fashion which means that my knowledge about it was equal to zero or better said I knew about characters like Coco Chanel, Paul Poiret, Christian Dior, Madame Grès or Yves Saint-Laurent thanks to my dad's books but I didn't know a thing about the ones that are making fashion now and all the fuss that surrounds this phenomenon. Strange right ? While I am writing this I am realizing that what I knew was History of fashion but the strangest thing is that I didn't make any connection between its past and its present. I think my first approach to this world was identical to how we are teached History from primary school to secondary school in France : we are only learning the facts, not making any connection between the past and its influence on the society we are living in nowadays. I was making a mental note on how fashion started, who were its first heroes, how the modelling industry started brief I was nothing less than a recorder. I started analyzing fashion as a social and cultural phenomenon only when I arrived in Italy four years ago. I guess I began to make such a noticing because in this country wherever you are walking, you are breathing History. And I am not exaggerating when I say breathing, see I am living in a flat where each day I have the chance to admire a 15th century affresco when lifting my head. Something unthinkable for a student in France where History is in museums and books and not part of our daily life. I have the feeling that in Italy more than in any other places I have ever been in Europe people really feel the  influence of History on their daily life hence an easier way to connect to past and present, hence an easier way to understand fashion for its lovers (since fashion is both part of History and art), and consequently considering buying a fashion designer piece more easily than in France. 

All this blabbering to say that because of such a conception of fashion I never thought about wanting a piece of a designer. It was and still is something inaccessible economically to me given my student status, but at the same time I don't consider anymore unthinkable the fact to buy a designer piece if for you it is not only beautiful but also represents a cultural heritage.

Hence the following question, what would be the first fashion designer piece you'll want to buy ?
As for me, it would definitely be this pair of Alexander Wang shoes.  

ps: After writing that piece, just wondering if I am clear at all, the more I am seeing it, the more I feel I have a strange conception of fasion!pps : These are my personal thoughts, you obviously have the right to think differently :).
Candid thoughts on acquiring my first fashion designer piece

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