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Can You Paint a Crib? Yes You Can! Step by Step Guide

By Lindamabrey

Some people may wonder, how do i paint furniture? Can i paint a crib? How do i go about that? Well, the answer is easier than you may have thought. Most furniture can be repainted, refinished or overhauled without breaking the bank. A popular furniture piece to paint or refinish is a crib. A brand new crib can range from a garage sale price of $25 to a very high end price of $500 or more. Maybe you have a crib from an older sibling, cousin or friend that just needs a little TLC. That’s very common and those furniture pieces can be saved and made into something that you and your baby will love! The steps are not as difficult as you may think. Let’s see what it’s going to take to turn that loved piece of furniture into something you’ll love!

What do I need to do to get started?

can you paint a crib
Can you paint a crib? That’s a wonderful question! If your crib has never been painted, then all you would need to do is sand it and use a cloth to clear away any of the remaining dust. If the crib is painted, then you’ll need to start off by stripping the paint off of the surface of the wood. Using a paint scraper should make that easier as well. If there are multiple layers of paint you may need a heavier duty solution, so be prepared if that’s the case.

What to do with the, now, naked looking crib!

Painting a crib is similar to painting walls or even metal. You’ll need to put a protective base down before you throw some paint on it. Looking for the right primer isn’t too hard these days with all the people who really do enjoy the DIY videos online. Companies have started to create products just for the do it yourselfers! Just remember, if you have your heart set on a certain type of paint, such as a latex paint, then you should go for a latex based primer as well. And remember if someone ask, Can you paint a crib? Tell them yes you can.

What do I need before I start painting?

You’ll need to make sure that you have all the tools you need in order to make that baby crib look the way it does in your head. Let’s go over some differences! A paint brush is good for hard to reach areas that are small or at an awkward angle. A paint roller is great for large areas and they apply a much smoother surface. Stick with your roller when you can but, if you come into a hard to reach area, go ahead and use that brush. Don’t forget to lay down a protective cloth on your floor.

Picking the Paint!

For cribs, many recommend using a neutral color. Other people want that pop of color in the nursery and that’s fine. One more recommendation for painting a crib is going with a semi-glossy finish. A totally matte paint can make stain removal hard, but a semi-glossy paint is a happy median with much better cleaning results. Don’t fret though. Hardware stores offer all sorts of paint and, if you’ve ever painted before, you know that they can make any color! So, don’t you go worrying.

How long will this take?

Every layer of paint will need to dry before you can put another coat on top of it. If you don’t allow the paint time to dry it can get runny and chunky. Overall, not a cute situation. Just make sure to check the paint. Paint experts usually recommend a day of drying for every layer you do. It can be hard to wait that long, but in the end the result will make you very happy. Have patience and have fun!

So, can painting a crib be a success?

Can you paint a crib? Absolutely! We’ve explored some options and how to get started. Such as, prepping the wood, finding the proper tools, finding the right primer/paint, and what to do when you get the paint on the crib. If you take it step by step, you won’t need to shell out the cash for a new crib. Instead, you can paint and have some fun with it. Most people tend to cherish handmade crafts because it takes time. Time that you’ll be happy you took when you see the finished result.

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