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How To Set Up A Baby Crib [Step By Step Guide]

By Lindamabrey

Setting up a baby crib is a skill that anyone who plans on having children must have. All the videos I have seen on Youtube show the setting up of a baby crib as a solo endeavor, but in my case I went to the baby store, rather my ex-husband went and bought an already assembled crib. There is a superstition in my family that a pregnant woman should not have baby furniture in the house until the baby has been born. My daughter, therefore lived in a bassinet until she was a few weeks old.

Most people do not suffer from these superstitions and attempt to set up a baby crib a on their own or with some expert assistance( someone who has a crib together before) Watching the process it really only requires carefully reading the instructions after buying the crib.

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How To Set Up A Baby Crib

Setting up a baby crib is not a complicated task at all. The following is what you will need to do. Steps To Set Up A Baby Crib.

Step 1

Is to unpack the crib’s box, making sure that all the pieces that are on the instructions are actually in the box. The pieces should be in good condition, not damaged in any way. This will prevent you having problems later on when you begin to set up the baby’s crib.

Step 2

Is to arrange the crib pieces to correspond to the manual’s directions. Completely read the manual before you attempt to set up the baby’s crib . It is true that some manual’s are difficult to understand, so take it slowly. If need be watch a video, some people learn better visually, than by reading.

Step 3

If you feel the crib is too difficult to assemble please ask for assistance from another person. Hopefully together the setting up of the baby crib will go smoothly.

Step 4

There have been people who have haphazardly set up their child’s crib together, for example not properly attaching the drop bar, or locking at least two of the wheels with horrendous results. If you need help it is better to ask for it, then to take a chance that you child might be injured.

Final Words

Setting up a crib is a valuable way to help your newborn have a comfortable place to sleep. It does not necessarily have to be problematic. But it often is a two-man (woman) job. It really only requires carefully reading the manual and taking your time. Rushing the process might lead to problems, so don’t rush to set up a baby crib.

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