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How to Buy a Baby Crib Step by Step Guide

By Lindamabrey

Many to-be parents are clueless about the purchase of baby furniture. The process is so overwhelming that they have no idea how and where to get started. Buying a baby crib is a responsible task. A suitable selection will increase the baby’s safety and comfort during the long hours of sleep and rest.

How To Buy A Baby Crib

When researching cribs, you have to ask several essential questions and consider several factors also: Steps to buy a baby crib.


The idea of your child’s safety is a vital decision when buying a baby crib. You would want to check the headboards, footboards, and crib sides as well so as to make sure that there is no place your child can get trapped. Also, avoid at all costs buying a crib with drop sides, as they have been associated with suffocation that leads to infant deaths.

Age Group of your child:

You have two options when selecting a crib. The baby crib will be appropriate for the first two years of the child’s life. Other types of cribs have added pieces that make them suitable for older children. Decide for yourself which option is more practical.

Mattress Support Frame:

The mattress support frame is another element you need to pay attention to when buying a crib. The frame has to be solid. If it gets deformed easily, it might interfere with the proper development of the baby’s skeletal system. The mattress has to be even throughout the surface, which will ensure the baby’s comfort.


Stability is a feature that should never be ignored when buying a baby crib since it eliminates the possibility of the crib ever falling due to instability. Always make sure that you play with the stability of a crib by shaking it before you buy it.


Various cribs have a portability feature, which means that the crib probably has wheels and can also be easily folded. This can be of importance especially if you want to make some trips away from home.

Adjustable Mattress Height:

Some mattress support frames have an adjustable height to lower or raise the mattress. Adjusting the height of the bed will give you the chance to play with your baby without bending as well as preventing your child from climbing out and hence falling over.

Crib Shape and Size:

It is advisable that you buy a crib whose shape is easy to get a mattress to fit. Also, consider the size of the crib and don’t forget your child will be growing!

Extra Features:

Decide about extras. Some cribs have drawers that will let you store the baby’s clothes, diapers and anything else that you could have immediate need of when changing your child’s diapers. Some also have a rocking feature, which can be disabled once the baby falls asleep.

Final Words

Finally, you will need to visit several stores and if you happen to like a particular baby crib, refrain from making a quick purchase. You might discover something else that corresponds to your needs better. Examine all options, compare and make the final decision from this comparison. Rushing the process might lead to problems, so don’t rush to buy a baby crib.

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