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Can the New Titleist Vokey SM4 Golf Wedges Improve Your Short Game?

By Golfforbeginners

Before deciding whether or not the new Titleist Vokey SM4 golf wedges can improve your short game, it is important to determine whether or not you need new wedges to round out your set of golf clubs. After reading a holiday email from Titleist urging me to the Vokey website, I started to think that new wedges were just what I needed (email marketing does work!)


Rory McIlroy's golf bag with Titleist SM4 wedges

Here are a few reasons to purchase a new set of wedges.

1. It's Christmas (insert Holiday) and you want to buy something you will actually use and enjoy!

2. Your only golf clubs were given to you as a complete set including driver, irons and wedges and your game has adapted from beginner to're hitting greens on occasion!

3. The grooves on your wedges have worn down on the clubface to the point that you can't see them anymore. (Note: Grooves create spin and help the golf ball to stop in a controlled manner when a golfer hits the ball with a descending blow.)

In my opinion, I utilize my wedges about as much as I do my putter! Not always do I put the golf ball on the green in regulation and it's up to those trusty wedges to assist when I need them.

That being said, I have always owned a set of Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Wedges. This is not an advertisement ... I love these wedges, from the weight of the club to the feel when I'm playing them. My wedges have seen better days and so, after reading that Greg Chalmers, winner of the Australian Open and Rory McIlroy (see golf bag picture above) are happily singing the praises of the Vokey SM4 wedges (SM4=Spin Milled, 4 extra grooves), I decided to check out the Vokey website to see what, if any, design changes had been made.

The new Vokey Design SM4 wedges feature 17 precise, individually cut and 100% inspected grooves that maximize groove geometry and push groove edge radius to the conforming limits, the company stated.

As you may remember, the rules change by the USGA and R&A which "limited groove volume and sharpness of groove edge radii" had golf club makers going over their designs to make sure that their clubs would conform with the new regulations.

Other technical specifications include durable grooves heat treated in the impact areas and a slightly larger teardrop profile and leading edge.

Of course, the new Vokey SM4 wedges can never take the place of my ten-year-old clubs that helped me to learn the game of golf from the sand to the rough  ...<sentimental value>...

On the other hand, "Rory was pleased with his new Vokey Design SM4 wedges," claimed the Vokey website. "The new tour extreme grooves and additional scorelines are providing him with increased spin and control on his scoring shots."

 Scoring...getting the golf ball on the green and close to the hole into my "circle of trust", is what makes this golfer come back time and time again. My Vokey wedges have always been my "go-to" clubs. Yes it's the holidays ...but no wrapping is required!

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