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Can Low Impact Resistance Training Save You From A Heart Attack

Posted on the 19 September 2014 by Health_news

Can Low Impact Resistance Training Save You From A Heart Attack

A healthy heart resides in a healthy body. It is important to listen to our body and make likewise lifestyle changes. If you are feeling weak, sick and depressed, may be, you should pause and look at your life. Change your junk food diet into a healthy one comprising fresh vegetables and fruits, transform your sedentary routine into a more active one with right exercises and take time out to enjoy weather and nature. Do this and you will be pleasantly surprised to see a transformed and better you.

These changes will benefit your heart the most. There are many theories going around on the right exercises that will better heart health, thus preventing heart diseases and heart attacks. Of such theories, one theory that has been discussed all over is the connection between low impact resistance training and prevention of heart attack. A new research definitely gives thumbs up to such low impact resistance training.

The benefits of Low impact resistance training on health

There have been many researches to find how exercises and other healthy habits can prolong heart health and prevent heart attacks. A recent study conducted by Brazil’s Sao Paulo University has revealed that low impact resistance training can help balance blood pressure. Since imbalance in blood pressure is the prime reason behind heart diseases, a balanced blood pressure means better heart health and thus reduced chances of heart attacks. It was found that all it required was one session and three sets of different low impact resistance training to help the expansion of blood vessels, which in turn makes it easy for blood to effortlessly pump throughout the body. This helps balance blood pressure without creating stress on the heart and increases heart rate in a healthy way.

Low impact resistance training is simple and easy

Simple habits like healthy and fresh vegetables and fruits in diet, an active lifestyle along with low resistance training can benefit your heart in the long run and manage your blood pressure well such that you might be able to lead a medicine free life.

There are even references to such low resistance training as green exercise because there is no need for heavy equipment or electrical training machines. These low impact resistance training exercises are simple and can be done anywhere and do not include usage of heavy and expensive exercise equipment. Thus these exercises can be done by anybody.

Some of the low impact resistance training exercises are seated dips, plank, squats, lunges, pull-ups and push-ups. These simple exercises do not need much effort to do and can be done regularly. You do not even have to do them regularly, twice a week is enough to keep the system rolling. Along with bettering the health of the heart, these exercises are also beneficial to the entire body system. They are also great exercises to keep the body slim and healthy. In aiding with the entire health of the body, these exercises also keep blood pressure in check.

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