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Can Keyless Car Entry Be Hacked?

Posted on the 24 May 2016 by Amelia White
Can Keyless Car Entry Be Hacked?At present, two primary types of keyless car entry exist - one is active and the other, passive. The former technology requires you to push a button. It was invented decades ago. The latter, however, is gaining more popularity nowadays in Sydney and has become a standard on top notch models. Both methods offer a high level of security compared to traditional keys due to being comprised of embedded chips.
All of that sounds really good, but some people still raise a question - ‘Is keyless entry completely unhackable?’ Unfortunately, according to experts and automotive locksmiths, it is not. Given below are some possible means by which remote controlled locks on cars can be bypassed:
Signal Amplification
A car provided with passive keyless entry normally emits a signal of low frequency that extends up to a small distance. When the associated key is brought closer, it detects the signal and transmits a unique authorization code to unlock the doors. Now, if someone makes use of a device capable of amplifying the signal, the key would be able to connect with the lock from a greater distance. This mean a ride parked outside the house can be unlocked using signal amplification if its keys are close by.
Non-Hack Workarounds
These are not actually hacks, rather clever tricks that can be used for bypassing keyless entry. One of them is the frequency jammer, which can block transmissions within a specific frequency range. In other words, it can prevent the signal from getting through and thus, disable the lock when the driver is locking the car. Once the driver leaves, the thief can easily open the door and have access. Another non-hack workaround is traditional organised robbery. When a car with keyless entry goes for repair, thieves can simply duplicate its keys as well as the security programming.
Brute Force
Keyless entry codes usually have trillions of combinations in between. But at any given time, only a handful of them are valid. Also, codes are being transmitted through air from other remote control devices in hundreds. This where brute force utilises the lack of functionality. They send out million of distinct code combinations through transmissions within a few minutes. In case the right reaches the car, it will unlock the doors.
Fortunately, there are certain measures which automotive locksmiths can implement to prevent these things. They can install proximity chips, which are capable of preventing signal amplification and 128-bit encryption for delaying brute force. It is also important to contact a reliable service provider for auto repairs.

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