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Campaign for Interesting Wedding Table Names

By Claire

Tables at wed­dings. This is prob­a­bly obvi­ous, but they’re use­ful things and chances are if you’re hav­ing a wed­ding break­fast, ban­quet, meal or ‘hap­pen­ing’ with a seated meal you’ll have quite a lot of them.  That’s where wed­ding table names or table num­bers come in.

Cam­paign for inter­est­ing wed­ding table names!

Table plans, seat­ing charts (same thing) or escort cards help your guests find their way to their seats.  With­out them it can be any­thing from mild con­fu­sion to chaos.  Before read­ing on there is a health warn­ing: if you’re near your wed­ding date and feel­ing time is against you, maybe go for num­bers, noth­ing wrong with them.  They’re quick and easy, can save a lot of think­ing, a lot of pain and stressing!

But what do table num­bers add to an occa­sion?  They’re effi­cient, they do the job but they’re not per­sonal (though they can look good when done well).  It’s a part of your wed­ding and as such it’s a chance to have some fun, say some­thing about your­selves or make a state­ment!  Some­times com­ing up with the names to use for your wed­ding tables can be a real chal­lenge and that’s where this arti­cle comes in and aims to give a lit­tle inspi­ra­tion on the matter.

Artemis Stationery - Sienna Double Sided Table Name

Dou­ble Sided Table Name from Artemis Stationery’s Sienna range

Now there are rea­son­ably easy ideas to work with and I’ve explored many on my own blog – click to visit. It’s a chance to use names of things that mat­ter to you such as your favorite authors, books, or films, places you have vis­ited or which are impor­tant to you.

You could use things con­nected to the style of your wed­ding or the venue — per­haps choose Dick­ens or Jane Austen titles for period venues.  How about Jules Verne if your recep­tion is in a sci­ence or tech­nol­ogy museum.  If you have a sweet tooth or love fruit why not put bowls on each table filled with the same thing as is on the table name.  The pos­si­bil­i­ties are almost limitless.

Artemis Stationery - Modeno Table Name Tent

Tent Table Name from Artemis Stationery’s Modeno range

Have more fun with your wed­ding table names

Thanks to one of my ear­li­est clients Gemma there is a way to have more fun with your table names and maybe even help your guests out with some ice breakers.

The con­cept is sim­ple: instead of your table plan say­ing the names of the tables it asks a ques­tion.  The answers are the table names which are on the tables.

It prob­a­bly makes most sense to ask ques­tions about your­selves (the bride and groom).  Here are some exam­ples to illus­trate what I mean — in this exam­ple we’ll call the bride Emma and the groom Chris.

  1. Where did Emma go to university?
  2. What sport did Emma play at school?
  3. Where was Emma and Chris’s first hol­i­day together?
  4. Where is Chris from?  (maybe best asked to table full of the bride’s relatives)
  5. Where did Chris pro­pose to Emma?

You can use this idea to show off funny or sweet facts

  1. How many times did Chris drop the ring when proposing?
  2. What did Emma do after Chris pro­posed?  (eg pushed him in the pool)
  3. What is Emma’s favorite book?
  4. What pet did Emma look after while Chris was in hospital?
  5. What did Chris want to be when he grew up?
  6. What does Chris do now he has grown up?
Question Close Up

Ques­tion Close Up

It’s a really good chance to have fun, with trivia and fun or inter­est­ing facts.  It can get peo­ple talk­ing and it’s not too hard as you’ll tend to find most the answers hard to con­fuse with the other answers.  You can also issue answer sheets to chil­dren in the bridal party to get them involved.  While it only takes one per­son to find their right table and other peo­ple who don’t know the answer but know who they’re sat with will find their way along.

Bride and Groom Quiz table plan

Bride and Groom Quiz table plan from Artemis Stationery’s Cata­nia range

The full exam­ple we’ve done doesn’t shrink too well – it’s designed to be A1 or A2 in size but you can see a slightly larger ver­sion on our face­book page here.

Menu on the back of a table name tent

Menu on the back of a table name tent

At Artemis Sta­tionery we make a wide range of bespoke wed­ding table names and plans. We have two com­monly used types of table names – the dou­ble sided ones made for the lit­tle stands, and tents which I think are great as they sit on the table with the a lower pro­file and so don’t get in the way of any amaz­ing table cen­tres you might be plan­ning.  They’re also good to put other infor­ma­tion like a menu on the reverse side.

When it comes to table plans we will make them with­out requir­ing any other sta­tionery to be ordered.  All of our ranges can be used and we are really flex­i­ble in what we do, we even have can­vas table plans!  Visit our web­site or get in con­tact today.

Modeno canvas table plan from Artemis Stationery

A bespoke Modeno can­vas table plan where the cir­cles have been changed to stars.

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