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Calligraphy for Weddings — Inspired by Coca Cola!

By Claire

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (2)

Calligraphy’s just so much love­lier than a printed label!

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (3)
Acces­sorise your wed­ding with these gor­geous lit­tle tags in manilla or red with your guests’ names in beau­ti­fully hand­writ­ten cal­lig­ra­phy. Coke bot­tles are nice, but with a lit­tle imag­i­na­tion you can cre­ate some­thing really fan­tas­tic by putting everyone’s names on indi­vid­ual bottles!

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Thanks to Betsy But­ton for the pearl heart!

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (4)

Pimms personalised labels

Like the idea of shar­ing a Coke with friends but need some­thing a lit­tle more classy for your wed­ding day? Pimm’s with cal­lig­ra­phy labels will do the trick!

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (5)

Printed labels are fine for Coke, but for a wed­ding it’s more prac­ti­cal to use cal­lig­ra­phy for per­son­alised tags. The cost of print­ing bot­tle labels can be very high but cal­lig­ra­phy labels will cost less than £100 for an aver­age wed­ding. And just com­pare those labels… isn’t the swirly script so much more special?

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (6)
Save the Coke for sum­mer days out, and share per­son­alised bot­tles of Pimm’s on your wed­ding day! See my ‘how to’ tips towards the end of the blog fea­ture today.

Coke for the sum­mer and per­son­alised Pimm’s for your wedding!

Per­son­alised bot­tles of Pimm’s won’t cost much more than… well, bot­tles of Coke!
A 500ml bot­tle of Coke is around £1.15 (Tesco price) – and bot­tles with labels won’t cost you much more than this!

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (7)

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (8)

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (9)

Ask a few of your fam­ily and friends to buy and drink a 6 pack of San­pel­le­grino for you – I’m sure they won’t mind donat­ing the bot­tles for free! Ster­ilise the bot­tles before reusing them. Stripey straws are easy to find on Ama­zon or Ebay, and you were going to serve Pimm’s any­way, right? My cal­lig­ra­phy tags with rib­bon are only £1.15 each – the same as a bot­tle of Coke!

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (10)

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (11)

Every­one loves their own names on some­thing special!

Wouldn’t it be cool to have some­thing sim­i­lar to Coke’s named bot­tles at your wed­ding? Inspired by Coca-Cola but with a per­sonal twist and maybe even a vin­tage style? Look no fur­ther – it’s easy to cre­ate a gor­geous escort card dis­play with lit­tle bot­tles of Pimm’s with each of your guests’ names on! They’ll love it…

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (12)

Here’s how!

  1. Col­lect cute glass bot­tles for each of your guests. I used San­pel­le­grino bottles
  2. Write lug­gage tags and attach rib­bon loops or buy online from
  3. Slip the rib­bon tags around your bottles
  4. Arrange on a table at your wed­ding recep­tion – alpha­bet­i­cal order helps!(On a really hot day you could have trays full of ice and nes­tle the bot­tles in the ice to keep them cool)
  5. Add a sign to explain how your guests should find their tables

More infor­ma­tion – cal­lig­ra­phy name tags for bot­tles (red)

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (13)

Hand­writ­ten cal­lig­ra­phy wed­ding escort cards in manilla with red rib­bon for tying to bot­tles – Coke styley!

Each tag is hand­writ­ten in roman­tic cal­lig­ra­phy in a Spencer­ian cal­lig­ra­phy script (as shown in the image). The sam­ples shown here use red ink but we can write in other colours: email me to ask for your cho­sen color or see a sample.

Approx size: 7 x 4.5cm
Order­ing is easy — sim­ply email your list of names to be writ­ten on the cards in cal­lig­ra­phy when you place your order.

Where to buy!

Find me at, on face­book at and buy online at

Claire x

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