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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer World Premiere Review

Posted on the 31 October 2011 by Badmoneyblog @badmoneyblog
The Call of Duty makers and marketers seem to have finally learned their lesson on past releases as evident by producing and releasing a video early in the final production stages of the latest Call of Duty game.  This video is destine to create online buzz over the long Labor Day weekend through posts, YouTube video reviews, and blog posts, just like this one here.  Although this video was released just an hour ago on facebook, it has already generated over 14,000 likes and the appropriate and usual amount of Battlefield 3 bozos with their snide comments about how their game is oh-sooo much better.  Beat-it buddy. 
Usually we would shy away from things like a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer World Premiere Review, but for this we make an exception.  You see, we here at Bad Money Blog are Call of Duty addicts.  Not to say that we are any good at the game, but we thoroughly enjoy the online game play and the escape from reality offered through playing a game offering realistic reality-like game play.  Also, take notice of the rated “M” for Mature ESRB rating for the game and the video.  Beat-it kids.
So here we go.  Let’s take a solid look at some of the highlights.Although the Call of Duty: MW3 looks eerily similar to the earlier MW2 visual reality, this is
graded by us as a good thing.  Most would agree that the World at War and Black Ops games seemed a bit cartoony and not as refined as the Modern Warfare rivals, so this is just fine by us.  Realistic, yet somewhat futuristic battlefield weapons are showcased on the game.  The artistic liberties taken to show pop-up mines and robot mounted and fired sentry guns give us just the right amount of futuristic play coupled with the world-based realities we like to ground ourselves in.   
Take a closer look at the video and pause at the sections (like times 0:06,0:10) where the usual suspects like individual equipment and perks.  Look closer and see a “proficiency” called “kick” revealed as well as something called “Elite Clan.”  It seems like clans will be more organized than the multicolored name tags on the left side of your gamer tag in the old games.  There is nothing in this world more awe-inspiring as an MH-6 Little Bird swooping in, with mini guns spinning, for close air support over your until now, ill-fated behind (as evident by call-in at 0:17).  Now that is a game changer.  In comes the usual assortment of throwing knives and other boring current period military weapons.  Then it happens, your MH-6 is sky-sharked by a SAM battery.  Poop.  Then the inevitable happens at 0:58, you die.  Sniped by that pesky noob you never saw and wrote off as a bad shot.  He takes a lucky quick scope and you find yourself respawning across the map.  Then he has the audacity to run over your corpse and collect some dog tags?  Interesting.  This could make for a form of bragging rights.
Now, you get a preview at a couple of different equipment variations like an updated form of bouncing betty, and an EMP grenade.  Outlandish, yes, but possible in my alternate reality.  If my eyes do not deceive me at 1:30, you can kill a turret with an EMP grenade.  Then it seems there is an “air drop trap” thrown.  The name seems self explanatory.   2:42 gives us a glimpse at a robotic sentry gun.  This little guy looks like a helpful friend.  Then there is a quick run through the park with the now infamous “baby monitor” and bullets.  However, an interesting development at 3:18 showcases a different sort of sentry with the assumed ability to put the smack down on small arms like the RPG it seeming destroys.  Admittedly the ending is a bit cheesy with the run and gun silliness of switching to a sniper rifle to take out a foe on a bus.  Nothing as profound as the MW2 Eminem “Till I collapse” trailer, but at least this one gives a real in-depth look at the multiplayer game play.The nearly 4 minute teaser has us counting calendar days until the release.  In our opinion, 11.8.11 could not come fast enough.  For now, watching the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer World Premiere daily will have to suffice.  See you in line at Game Stop at midnight!  -BadMoney

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