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Cajun Mac ‘n’ Cheese

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

After today’s lunch I went from stupid good to totally wrong!


But before we get to that…

Fitness with pre/post run snacks

I had my running date with Dorothy today. We did a smooth 1/6 miles at a slow beautiful pace. I burnt 140 calories and my muscles had the chance to get loose and warm.

Before the run I did some upper body strength work with 5 pound weights. I did

  • biceps
  • triceps
  • crunches
  • shoulder presses
  • arm raises and scoops
  • rows, upper and lower
  • lower back raises

I also did some lower body training with

  • lunges
  • squats
  • butt raises
  • calf raises

Not too shabby.

This was my pre-run fuel that I enjoyed around 3pm.


Raspberry Chobani with a few chocolate chunks

Open-mouthed smile

Then after my run I was craving fruit. Apple slices to the rescue.



Back to the totally wrong. My dinner was so good it felt wrong!


I started the evening’s cooking with a little beer. Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat to be exact. This is my favorite drink of the summer.



Then I made some Annie’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese and added a few mini cajun sausages to it.


To spice up the macaroni I added some chili powder and black pepper to the cheese sauce. And because I was feeling totally guilty about my gluttonous meal I steamed some broccoli that I drizzled some honey mustard dressing over.


yum. yum. yum.


Holy wow delicious!


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