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C'mon, Admit it…You Forgot About Jerry, Karen and Teddy Grant…SCANDAL RULES

Posted on the 28 March 2014 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

C'mon, admit it…You Forgot about Jerry, Karen and Teddy Grant…SCANDAL RULES
THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Marshall and Barney bet 5 slaps that Robin's secret was that she was in porn. She wasn't, Marshall won and the final slap was s

FIRST FIVES:  John Romeo, Mike O'Dea, Elke Raskob, Kathy Connelly & Karen Feldman HONORABLE MENTION: Christine Clarke Bonus Trivia Question #1 The Duckie I was looking for was Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink

Bonus Trivia Question #2 Bruno Mars "Count on Me" was the song from Suburgatory
Bonus Trivia Question #3 The name of the trick I was looking for from Modern Family was Metamorphisis THE NUMBERS  Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5
Modern Family-ABC 3.6/10.0
Survivor-CBS 9.8
American Idol-FOX 2.2/9.3
The Middle-ABC 1.9/7.2
Mixology-ABC 1.6/4.8 Wednesday's Cable Top 5
Duck Dynasty-A&E 2.5/6.0
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.4/3.5
NBA-ESPN 1.4/3.3
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.1
Psych-USA .7/1.9 Wednesday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Psych Series Finale-USA 113,000 Tweets
Psych After Pshow-USA 84,000 Tweets American Idol-FOX 54,000 Tweets
Duck Dynasty-A&E 34,000 Tweets
Workaholics-Comedy Central 22,000 Tweets
Late Night Ratings for the week of 3/17/14-3/21/14 Letterman .5/2.3 Kimmel .6/2.7 Fallon 1.3/4.4 Nightline .3/1.5 Ferguson .3/1.2
Meyers .6/1.8 The Daily Show .3/.8 Carson .3.9 Colbert .3/.6 Conan .3.7
Early Morning Ratings for the week of 3/17/14-3/21/14 GMA1.9/2.3 Today Show 1.8/2.1 CBS This AM .8/1.0
-Duck Dynasty's season finale may have been number one on cable Wednesday night, but the show decreased in viewers  significantly vs. last years finale. 6 million people watched this year vs. 8.4 million last year and 9.6 the year before. Is it the Phil stuff or are people just over the family already? 
THE SHOWS The Vampire Diaries Starting off with a topless Damon Salvatore is always a good thing in my book and the sexy Damon/Elena moments are very enjoyable. My fave, throwing Elena up against a locker at school and working her into a frenzy, very enjoyable. Did you EVER say the word doppelgänger before you started watching The Vampire Diaries? I don't think I did, but now, I try to say whenever I can. Apparently Stefan's last living doppelganger was in Atlanta and needed by the travellers. They sent Caroline to get Tom Avery or they'd squeeze Stefan's brain until he lost his memories again.  Tom was a paramedic whose hair was parted to the side instead of the windblown spike-up Stefan has.  Caroline couldn't kill him, but Enzo could and now no idea what will happen to Stefan. Is there a possibility of Caroline and Stefan? That was some pretty close cuddling, no? Not sure what was more insane, the fact that Elena and Damon even went to Jeremy's parent teacher conference or the fact that they were shocked that Jeremy was doing so poorly? REALLY? Look at the kids life! His parents are dead, his girlfriend was dead and now that she's back from being dead, every time he wants to get some, a dead person burns through her to get to the other side, his sister and all her pals are vampires and oh…by the way, he's a vampire killer. He's supposed to study for a bio test too? COME ON! 

Reign The king is going mad and honestly, I'm enjoying it thoroughly. I didn't love when he put the candle wax in the guys ear, but I did enjoy it when he went back to his Christian Gray ways with Penelope the kitchen chick who won the Queen of the Bean a contest where the winner gets to where the crown, bed the King and sit on the thrown for a day. Apparently in addition to her kitchen skills, Penelope's a dominatrix too. Who knew?  Greer was all set to marry the very cute Lord Julian but he caught her with the baker and moved on to Lola pretty fast as per Mary's plan. Just in time too because Lola's not fitting into her clothes. Now Greer will marry the gay Lord Castleroy but it's actually good for both of them because then she can still sleep with the baker and get free treats. Francis fell through the ice, Bash saved him and then Francis saved Bash from their nut job dad's sword. Sure he's alive but the King made him marry Kenna. OY.  I need Nostradamus and Olivia gone. I hate the way he speaks in that gravelly whisper and she freaks me out. Enough of them already. 
Scandal Did you TOTALLY forget about Jerry, Karen and their baby bro, Teddy? I sure did until they were back home for a big live interview with their parents. Jerry's putting Hitler mustache's on his Dad and Tweeting it out, Karen walked opened the wrong door and saw her Mom on her knees with "Uncle Andrew" and luckily baby Teddy can't talk yet. Jake's starting to speak just like Olivia and both of them sound just like Daddy Pope. Does that mean that some day Olivia will be Command? Probably not but that would be a SICK series finale wouldn't it? Olivia Pope as Command? She def couldn't do that if she had a kid. Quinn and Charlie discussing Huck's visit while torturing some terrorist was sort of interesting, but Huck and Quinn's "encounter" on the bridge was actually MORE interesting. This time it was Quinn doing the licking. Harrison got drugged by Ivy, Olivia's Mom gave her a call and Cyrus tried to smash a vase over Jake's head but you know that would never happen. Fitz came down hard on Mellie for cheating with Andrew since she wouldn't let Fitz touch her for 10 years. I thought for sure she'd tell him about his Dad, but that fact wasn't revealed…yet!  Olivia's Mom, Ivy and some guy named Ivan are planning on killing the Prez…I think, but no worries, Jake knows about it and he'll handle it, I'm sure. Okay what was the song they played last night? A good one! Parenthood Lots of awkward in this episode of Parenthood.  Hank and Sarah, Mark and Sarah, Joel and Julia, the kids and Drew, the kids and Amber, the teachers and The Braverman, yeesh…lots of awkward. Not to mention, sex interuptus moments are ultra awkward. Which is worse, being interrupted by your dad or your kid? I was going to do a poll on this one. Who's more annoying…Lily from Modern Family OR Sydney from Parenthood. Two cool Dad/Son moments, Crosby and Zeke's road trip along the water and Adam and Max's IN the water. Looks like Joel and Julia are done and it looks like Camille and Zeke are going to have to start packing. COME ON NBC…please announce this shows renewal…PLEASE. The renewal announcement is my cliffhanger.  THE OTHER STUFF
-It's not a done deal yet, but Amazon may be getting into the streaming biz too. Not just for Prime members but for everyone via a set top box or a Chomocast type doodad or something. If they do it will ad supported like all the other players in the space. With all the info Amazon has on all of us, it could make a great case for advertiser dollars. It hasn't been announced yet, but it could be coming soon according the Wall Street Journal. So many choices, who's going to invent the content navigation tool that best benefits all of us as consumers? I already could use one that tells me where, when and how much it would cost to watch what I want for the best experience and the best cost. With more choices coming, this "thing" will be needed more than ever.  -5 episodes of Mind Games and DONE! ABC cancelled it. Hope you didn't get too attached. I feel bad for Christian Slater, the guy needs a break.  -I'm not a huge news person, but even I was surprised by Cynthia McFadden's departure from ABC News to NBC and Juju Chang's promotion to co-anchor of Nightline 
Friday's Trivia Question: When Barney first met Ted he gave a tip on how to meet girls. Remember the quote? 

If you're as sad about the end of How I Met Your Mother as I am, check this hilarious video out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnPohaZf-Lg If you'd like to continue the How I Met Your Mother Trivia next week to continue to celebrate the series...let me know.  I personally think we need one on Monday AND on Tuesday... Have a great weekend! WWTM-Kristy Like me on Facebook at Watching Way Too Much Follow me on Twitter at [email protected] http://watchingwaytoomuch.com [email protected]

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